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The Vaxxed Are Now Chimeras Connected to the Internet of Things With Non-Functioning Immune Systems & Filled w/ Nano Particles.

Congratulations. You now have chimera DNA instead of human DNA, can no longer produce human babies, also are tracked and controlled by being plugged to a main computer called The Internet of Things. They say “of things” because the jabbed are no longer human. Also you have a zero working immune system now, which is what having AIDS means. So yes, you now have AIDS. And everyone should keep a distance from you if they don’t want to catch the highly contagious and deadly spike proteins that you’ll be shedding for life. A short life though. We do feel pity for you, because we aren’t monsters, like the ones you belong to now. If only you had listened to us… and not them. –AGENTS OF TRUTH on Telegram

This was an especially good message from Agents of Truth on Telegram that I felt like sharing. I think I’m going to start spending most of my time from here on out mocking the Sheeple Vaxholes instead of trying to respectfully show them the truth. That clearly hasn’t been working so now I’m just going to disparage them until they finally croak.

On a side note, check out some of the pro vax crowds finest work supposedly exposing us dummy anti-vaxxers well before Coronavirus. This nose-ringed Satanic faggot is seriously something out of a bad movie.

Join us at:

FB: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=414048819192208&id=347126082551149&_rdr

These pro-vax MEME’s will assuredly piss you off. It’s disgraceful that there are people on Facebook who devote their free time to generating crap MEME’s and content like this attacking anti-vaxxers.

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