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Morgellons Live is a very good channel. Both entertaining and informative. She has quite a bit of trouble with other channels stealing and plagiarizing her work and it’s become quite the drama. They not only rip her off, but they then mock and antagonize her in the comments sections of her own videos and try to assert that they are the actual creator. You can see that she’s been forced to put watermarks all over her videos in an attempt to thwart the constant stealing of her content. We know that these Demonically possessed individuals like to do this(they do the same with YahushuaBenDavid) and incessantly mirror other people’s content without actually indicating its been mirrored and was not theirs originally.

BITCHUTE: https://www.bitchute.com/video/GBjDo0gsGVv6/

Welcome if you are new to MorgellonsLive , share & playlist under videos , MorgellonsLive copyright . I spend alot of time making original videos showing you what I see . Start at the beginning of the channel & also you research what I am showing you , Knowledge is your superpower . Learn Discernment . Large channels , crap videos mimicing the work & research of real channels , learn to look at timestamps . Disgusting Demon Hunter/ Sky Dome Atlantis & partners in crime are exposed as Gatekeepers , relentlessly trolling MorgellonsLive channel .

Vatican Reptilians & Demons | MorgellonsLive

DO NOT MIRROR ANY MorgellonsLive video on another channel , share & playlists buttons under video which you are all welcome to use . I have just had two channels with sixty thousand subs between them knock me out of most viewed video using my video against my own channel .This especially is my most viewed video which helps my channel , DO NOT TAKE . I am a small channel and these bullies had no right to do this to my channel with my own work research and video .This video is of the Reptilian on its way for a big Ritual Sacrifice , look how brazen they are becoming , this footage is from the Vatican itself , they really stuffed up on these ones .2 years, 1 month ago

Live Nanoparticles on the COVID-19 PCR Swab Test – Morgellons Disease Parasite InfestationHellybelly40

A close up of the Covid-19 PCR swab test, which shows live nanoparticle fibers, also called morgellons disease. Look away if you are squeamish, but if this is what they are putting inside millions of people every single week, it’s absolutely disgraceful and must be stopped. It’s a huge experimental test upon humanity.1 year ago

Gates Fun Vaxx Virus | MorgellonsLive

share button under video , do not upload to another channel , I have just had two channels with sixty thousand subs between them taking my most viewed videos & leaving me off pages as they replace my channel being seen using my own work research and videos .1 year, 2 months ago

Boron & Carbon Nano Technology | MorgellonsLive

Shills have told you to consume these substances , Borax is Boron . C60 is a Carbon Brain FryWelcome to share , uploading or mirroring is not sharing .1 year, 8 months ago

the BORAX BITCHES | MorgellonsLive

Utube & the TRANNY BITCHES MURDERING THE ZOMBIES TO TAKE INTERNALLY TO SCOFF WILLINGLY TO CONSUME POISON , HOW THEY ATTACK MY CHANNELS , STEALING MY VIDEOS RESEARCH & WORK TO CONTROL THE NARRATIVE , EXPOSE THEM EXPOSE THEM ALL , welcome to share videos , this does not require uploading mirroring to another channel , my content is for the survival of my channels & to stop the control narrative from trolls , my videos are copyright & I will copyright your ass if you steal my videos for another channel upload1 year, 10 months ago

Morgellons Fungus Bio Weapon | MorgellonsLive

Morgellons Live Copyright Video . Morgellons is a multi layered complex Bio Weapon that has infected everything and everyone . Shaving my head for over 3 years and aggressive treatments including Hydrogen Peroxide Food Grade 35% , see video , helped the Bio Weapon head/hair attack but realise , this is a Bio Weapon attack and your DNA has already been changed so anyone using the word cured , well , ask them how their cure changed not only your DNA back but how they stop reinfection ? For the last few months I have been growing my hair back but while not cured is much improved , so now I use such as distilled water & Lugus Iodine hair rinse’s , see video Iodine , Silver Cordial rinse’s , see video , Bi Carb Aluminium free I use on my pillow and in bedding , keep your PH in order & consume Pro Biotic . Iodine I still apply to different sections of my scalp using a dropper , as stated in the video , complete fungus regrowth is complete within 18 hours . Through a Jeweller’s Loop your skin can be seen with a translucent silver threading through and over your skin . For comments on this channel Bitchute needs a Block button , until then comments are disabled & if left open are removed in a short while , I am not here to debate what you do not agree with , leave the channel if you do not like what I have to say , this is my journey , my research & what I see , know , as Truth .11 months, 3 weeks ago

6000 HZ Healing | MorgellonsLive

Use for 20 minutes daily for a few days then break, the movie venom informed us Morgellons die at 6000hz but Morgellons Morphs Shapeshifts Relocates around the body so do not let a defence be established for Morgellons. As with everything Morgellons it is rotation of treatments that also works well as Morgellons not only has many aspects but it can relocate it can morph it can shapeshift. Morgellons is Bio Warfare.2 years, 2 months ago

the Thing Identified in the Death Jab | MorgellonsLive

Australian Fires the year 2020 | MorgellonsLive

Give to victims directly , charities are scams , charities do not give aid to the effected . Charities who pay no tax are big business , see video this channel of Red Cross hiding Billions of dollars on this channel2 years, 1 month ago

GaGa Dicks & Robots | MorgellonsLive

GaGa Robot has a complete malfunction featured at the 2nd part of this video , you are welcome to share , uploading to your channel is not sharing , beware content contains nudity as part of video content

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