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💥☣💥The Truth about Iron Is Mixing With Clay RIGHT NOW! (Dr. Gene Kim) | Elemental Forces in Human Clay

I really enjoyed Dr. Gene Kim’s teaching and presentation style. I like the “Fauci’s Fungus” code word that he used for Covaids. BTW, did you know that they now use the official term “VAIDS” to describe this Vaccine Auto Immune Deficiency Syndrome that is now appearing all over the globe?

We know all about the Bible verse that tells us the AntiChrist will mix iron with clay and create these “Tares” or soulless non-human permutations of human beings. Clay is a euphemism for flesh and with all we’ve recently learned about what’s actually inside these vaccines, the “iron” would surely be representative of Graphene Oxide/Hydroxide. Graphene has an atomic composition of 6 protons 6 neutrons and 6 electrons. 666. We know from Rose Hannah that the real number of the Beast is actually 660, not 666 and you could also make a case that the real number of HaSatan is actually 777 as it relates to the Saturn Cube. It’s a cluster-fuck of confusing and conflicting information.

What the Bible has to say about “Miry Clay”: https://www.openbible.info/topics/miry_clay

< Daniel 2:43 >


I think these discrepancies exist because we don’t make the distinction between the Nephilim Fallen Angel Lucifer and the anointed agent of God known as HaSatan(the Satan or the adversary). In my estimation HaSatan is more of an elemental force that represents the adversarial side of our dualistic reality-based existence. While Lucifer was/is simply the most powerful of the 1/3rd of the Angels in Heaven who defected from God. We also have characters like Azazel and Apollyon who you could argue assume roles that most would naturally and hastily attribute to Lucifer or HaSatan. In short, Lucifer and HaSatan are two different entities. In fact, scripture tells us there were actually 7 Satans. I’m sure there is someone who could explain this much more eloquently and accurately than I just did, but this is what my casual research has led me to surmise at this point. My stances are always fluid and ever-changing as new information comes to light.

Below is a video dump from a while back that contains backups of a lot of Tamara Magdalene’s original videos that go into greater detail on this very complex paradigm. We know she’s a deceiver but she still has some very informative videos, so I’m going to keep citing them. You just need to known how to spit out the bones.

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