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5G KILL CITIES – INNOVATING DEPOPULATION – ZERO CARBON = ZERO HUMANS | The Cooking of Humanity | Plan to Burn up Northern California Disclosed

Learning that the microwave density “safety limit” that’s been set in the United States and Canada was 600-1000 microwatts/sq. foot, which is literally thousands of times higher than what is known to be safe for biological life, was absolutely shocking. 5G will be the demise of humanity.

I had also never heard about this California Public Health Advisory that warned of the extreme health risks associated with cellphone use and went as far as to advise consumers not to stream videos on their cell phones or even sleep next to one and to not allow any child under 10 to use one of these bandwidth intensive smart phones. They managed to keep this hush hush for obvious reasons.

Cell Phone Guidance – California Department of Public Health

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Words of warning about Rothschild, smart cities, UN Agenda 2030 and the 5G kill grid. This interview is from 2018 and everything we were warned us about has come to pass. The evil is real, so is the conspiracy. Please share this information with everyone you know. Deborah Tavares on the SGT Report.

How 5G causes psychiatric illness – it will cook your brain and body. -BITCHUTE

grindall61 has a ton of content on this subject matter:

Source: https://www.nationandstate.com/2019/05/03/5g-roll-out-you-better-know-where-the-kill-zones-are-located/?amp

5G ROLL-OUT: You better know where the “kill zones” are located!

5G Super-Hotspots will be the most dangerous
places on Earth

State of the Nation

The deployment of 5G continues unabated across the USA in spite of zero mandatory health and safety testing being conducted.

This illegal roll-out is focusing on the largest urban centers and especially high-profile venues that can be used as an advertisement for how ‘awesome’ 5G is [NOT].

It will be these specially chosen venues where smartphone users can play with their own portable Internet of Things (IoT)… at the expense of everyone else in those 5G super-hotspots.

5G Super-Hotspots

It is also these same venues that will be turned into extremely dangerous 5G super-hotspots.

The primary reason for this eventuality is because the level of 5G technology necessary for the Internet of Things to operate with any degree of success is completely off the charts.

Truly, it’s no small feat to power up the IoT to the point that it functions at the lofty (and impractical) standards conceived by the IT, WiFi and Telecom Industries.

The IT scientists and electrical engineers who have designed these slowly evolving 5G networks know that they will not work as engineered.

That’s because of the unique environmental obstacles that exist in every locale where 5G is planned.

The resulting technological obstacles are such that a “one size fits all” approach WILL NOT WORK.

What this inevitable predicament translates to is that every locale will require its own customized 5G network configuration.

What this really means is that wherever the 5G hucksters choose to showcase 5G and the IoT, those locales and venues will be transformed into highly radioactive 5G super-hotspots.

5G Oversold Like Nothing Else in Human History

Now here’s the critical point.

In its current form, 5G networks simply will not perform as falsely advertised.[1]

ROLL-OUT MISREPRESENTATION: 5G is simply not scalable beyond dense urban areas

Therefore, Big Telecom will have egg all over their faces unless they keep their promises; or at least appear to keep them.

The only practical way for these companies to save face is to fire up the 5G energy grid with a vengeance wherever its deployed. They know that user experience is crucial at the start of the 5G roll-out. If it fails — and it will — the ultra-hyped 5G rollout will go down as the biggest failure in corporate history.

Given this rapidly evolving context, it’s clear that creating 5G super-hotspots is their only way out of the self-created mess.

And, by the way, in order to practically deliver the necessary 5G energy to power up the IoT globally, the telecoms will have to transform the world into a veritable microwave oven surrounded by myriad EMF transmitters and receivers (that’s a very simplistic depiction but not far from the truth).

However, it’s those geographic areas purposefully selected to illustrate the fake ‘miracle of 5G’ that have the most to worry about.

There’s no stopping the selected venues from being morphed into 5G super-hotspots for show. Hence, it’s essential that folks everywhere know where to strictly avoid.

For it’s certain that these 5G super-hotspots will become slow motion-kill zones … … … and by purposeful design. As follows:

While creating kill zones may not be the primary purpose of the ongoing military deployment of 5G, they are an unavoidable consequence.

Using totally untested technology with such raw power is an extremely perilous enterprise. Those who are prematurely pushing the 5G paradigm are cognizant of the multifarious risks and extraordinary dangers; yet they proceed anyway.

The uninformed public, then, must be made aware of the location of each and every kill zone (aka 5G super-hotspots) in the country. Not to do so would be similar to the Nazi experiments performed on humans during World War II where many died slow painful deaths.

For anyone who doubts the sheer intensity of the various destructive energies associated with an activated 5G energy grid, please view the following video.

5G WEAPONRY: Microwave Radiation Technology Being Deployed as Depopulation Warfare, Full Spectrum Dominance & Total Human Control (Video)

Kill Zones

Exactly where are these kill zones located as of May 2019?

The most dangerous kill zones will be located in those cities that have already seen the 5G roll-out happening.

The following 2 links contain all of the locations currently publicized by the Telecom companies as 5G roll-out cites:

As for the specific venues that will be super-hardwired with 5G technology, that is very difficult to pin down.

The only way for citizens to nail down the locations of the 5G super-hotspots is to contact the local Telecom companies and request the extent of the 5G and/or IoT build-out by location. The more operational the IoT is in any locale, the more intensive the 5G networking that has been installed by necessity.

As a practical way of determining the 5G super-hotspots, the quicker the download and upload speeds registering on a smartphone, the more fully functioning are the 5G signals. If latency and connection issues disappear where they previously occurred, this could also be an indication of an efficient 5G power grid in place.

The further residents are from the major metro areas listed in the preceding two links, the less 5G deployment has taken place.

Suburbia poses its own set of problems to a seamless deployment of 5G as do the rural areas where service will be quite spotty, if existent at all, for the foreseeable future.

KEY POINT: Even President Trump is highly challenged by the deployment
of 5G. Some have even asserted that The 5G Roll-out is Trump’s 9/11.


There is a great likelihood that this unlawful deployment of 5G will be stopped dead in its tracks.

Communities across the nation are rising in protest — fierce protest — to shut it down. Many are organizing locally and nationally to confront the transparent law-breaking by government and corporations in the conduct of the roll-out. See 5G Roll-out Facing $1 Trillion Class Action Lawsuit.

However, in spite of these vital developments, it’s still imperative that each individual fight 5G wherever they live. We can look at all of these God-given obstacles as giving We the People a grace period to shut down 5G once and for all.

Let’s all terminate 5G, before it terminates US.

Here’s a downloadable flyer that can be printed for mass distribution: STOP 5G Campaign Flyer

Bottom line: Anyone who understands the profound yet often subtle harm to bio-organisms inflicted by microwave radiation knows that each microwave tower by itself constitutes a 5G super-hotspots. When you add the significantly higher electromagnetic frequency ranges that are utilized in the 5th generation of digital cellular networks, it’s evident that wherever the transmitting equipment is situated will become a slo-mo “kill zone”.

State of the Nation
May 3, 2019


[1] They’re totally lying about the 5G roll-out!

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Author: The Millennium Report

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