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SHOCKING CHILD ABUSE: Tara MacLean is a Pretentious Child Torturing Vaxhole Hag & Easily One of the Biggest Pieces of Shit Alive For Having Jabbed Her Daughter Multiple Times Even After She Already Endured a Severe Reaction to the 1st Jab

The dumb bitch has since made all her tweets private and deactivated her Facebook page. Let’s see what we can do about tormenting this bitch as much as we can for the duration of her likely already significantly jab-shortened life. If her daughter doesn’t get relief, neither should she. If we can’t slander her via her Twitter account then let’s post our own opinions on the matter onto our various blogs and social media feeds. You can do your part in contributing to the META data that will be associated with any “Tara MacLean” search query from here on out. Anyone can open a WordPress.com blog for free. Don’t be shy now. That’s how I started off and look at me now. I’ve had my original 30k vistors/day blog censored and removed and my Twitter account throttled and shadow banned, forcing me to flee to an offshore server in Mexico where I now experience significantly less traffic and diminished server performance. Lol. But I’m still here pecking away. You don’t see me giving up, do you?

It’s beyond scary that there are parents out there who are more concerned with soliciting pity and seeming moral to the mainstream than they are with actually protecting the health and well being of their children. This is one of the more infuriating things that I’ve seen in a while and Tara MacLean deserves to go down as one of the biggest pieces of shit alive for putting her child through the hell that she has and then bragging about it on social media. Was she really that naive and arrogant to think that she wouldn’t receive the scorching blow back that she did when she decided to post such a disturbing and vain tweet?

Anyone who has done any kind of honest inquisition into the history and nature of vaccines(ESPECIALLY the Covaids vax) would know to never allow that needle to get anywhere near their child under any circumstances. So when these moral superiority posturing Vaxholes say that they are just “following the science” what that really means is that they are too lazy to do any kind of research on their own and put their faith in the hands of monstrous Big Pharma shills like Tony Fauci.

Let’s see what the rest of the Twitterverse has to say about Miss MacLean’s absolutely disgusting and horrifying tweet. Was she trying to sacrifice her child to Moloch or something?

I’m going to have to disagree with her claim that she’s “mostly harmless“.

I was so mad that I forgot to be witty and articulate on this one.

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