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Psy-Optimus Prime Delivery & The Decepticonvoy

Topher Grace Jason Bickford always impresses with his almost other worldly articulation style and wildly imaginative analogies that he uses to describe and breakdown our PsyOp-drenched ClownWorld reality. What we would call “The Matrix” he calls “Christian Simulation Theory”. He apparently considers himself to be some kind of Christian Mystic at this point. Ok…..sure.

I think him and Grimnasty are the two most articulate people on YouTube. That being said, neither are to be trusted. Grim seems to have a scary affliction with the Kali goddess, while with Bickford I can’t help but think that he’s purposefully leaving out key points relating to his discoveries, as is the usual M.O. of a Gatekeeper. But that doesn’t mean we can’t extract useful insights from their videos. In fact, that’s all we can ever do.

Bickford really nailed this one and was able to find several startling patterns having to do with the Canadian Freedom Convoy that I’m not sure anyone else would have been capable of discovering and decoding. I’m really not sure how is able to decode these things so cleverly without some kind of inside line that we are not aware of. But maybe he really is that smart. Or he’s a Nexus and is part of the parasitic hive mind consciousness himself.

Bickford has an unfortunate and annoying habit of removing his videos or making them private, so I’ve backed up a copy below.

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