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Doctor Discusses the Black-Eyed Babies – They Are Mutants and It Gets Worse from There. Dr. Viviane Brunet Says They May Be Unable to Reproduce.

The effects of this bio-weapon are going start hitting close to home for all of us. Whether it’s the newborn black-eyed-baby that’s just been welcomed into your immediate or extended family or the mounting health ailments of a close family member who’s had their immune system completely wiped out by the vaccine and will likely be facing imminent death or certain long term disabilities, shit’s about to start getting real and everyone needs to start preparing themselves.

How quickly will these mutant black-eyed-babies end up growing? Are they designed to part of the Black Awakening army which will be called on to liquidate the remaining human population left on the surface of the planet?The storm is looming right over the horizon. The Black Awakening must be right around the corner by this point, so get ready for what will likely be a literal Zombie Apocalypse and complete breakdown of society. It will be every man woman and child for them self. If they do try to stage some kind of Alien Invasion during this time, DEFINITELY do not follow Jesus or the Virgin Mary up into one of those UFO’s. LMFAO. I’m semi-serious though. They will likely impersonate all sorts of deities depending on the area of the globe they are projecting the Blue Beam tech and what the specific religious beliefs of that particular population of people is.

You already should have been preparing yourself mentally for what’s to come. We’ve been seeing this coming for a solid 2 years, if not longer. For those of you who can afford to, it’s probably a good time to begin preparing physically as well. Things like fuel, food and ammo should be at the top of your list. For me, I have not prepared physically the way I should be, but I don’t have any children so I’ll be free to fend for myself.


As Confucius would say “Sum Ting Wong Ear”. If you can’t look at this child and think “What the” you may be in what I call the bubble that can’t be popped. 



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