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Jab injured Pharmacist reports injuries to Police. | Instagram Influencer Reports Vaxx Injuries | Dr Roger Hodkinson calls out individual physicians and medical institutions as co-conspirators to MURDER.

This ball is rolling, gathering pace and not stopping.

I guess you could argue that he has a case if it’s true that he was blatantly lied to by the representatives from the pharmaceutical company who failed to advise him about the real risks associated with the vaccine and purposefully left out pertinent information, like it’s experimental nature for instance. However, in the end it’s your obligation alone to do due diligence and to conduct your own unbiased thorough review of all available information on the topic before your go ahead and put something like that into your body. That DOES NOT mean that you solicit only the cookie cutter opinion of just itself the leftstream media or the pharmaceutical company itself and then blame it on one of them after the fact. You should know better. Especially if you’re a pharmacist. If most people really are this naive then maybe it’s for the best that a huge chunk of them about to be culled from the population over the next 3 years.

In the end, the information about the experimental nature of the vaccines and the potential risks was freely available for anyone who cared to put any kind of effort into researching the topic. Just on my tiny blog alone you can find close to a thousand posts on the subject that give a comprehensive breakdown of why this vaccine is unnecessary, experimental, untested and actually more closely resembles a population culling bio-weapon than it does an inoculation. It’s not my problem that most were too pretentious to ever look outside of the mainstream press for information. That just makes you a fucking idiot. If you’re reading this right now, you are most likely the opposite of a fucking idiot and have grown tired of even having to address this. But there might be a few stragglers left to save in this late hour. Who knows?


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