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Disclosed: Deceiving the World (2021) | Aliens & UFOs in Bible Prophecy

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I’m glad that the “Aliens are actually Demons” theory has gained as much attention and notoriety as it has in the past few years. The notion that there are flesh and blood humanoid-looking Aliens that have been coined “Extraterrestrial Biological Entities” and have somehow traveled to our planet through non-existent outer space, is an increasingly laughable prospect for anyone who has cdecided to look into the UFO and abduction phenomenon in any meaningful way.

I do want to be careful and should warn you not to fall over yourself to start exclaiming to anyone you talk to about this subject that the name of “Jesus” can be invoked to thwart and put a stop to any “Alien” abduction attempt. I too was excited when I first heard about this, but my opinions have changed since looking into it further. I only say this because Dr. Karla Turner explained m described cases where hyper religious abductee’s have indeed called upon Jesus to save them in the middle of an abduction experience, with no results. In one case the beings even impersonated J.C. and told the victim to comply and go along with procedures that they were carrying out on them. I’m not sure why it works for some and not others but my advice would be to call out to God directly. You can call him “The Original Creator God”. Simple enough.

I should also note that it seems that many of these experiences are actually taking place within the confines of the abductees mind and many of them have found that they actually yield a great bit of power and have much more control of the situation than was first thought. On the flip side these entities have also been known to torment people by manifesting themselves as voices inside the head of psychiatric patients.

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