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Crater Earth. Notre Dame & Solomon’s Temple | Is Paris the Real Location of Biblical Jerusalem?

Great new channel recommend by Radiation Matters: Harry & The Lost Realm

Not the first time I’ve heard the theory that ancient Paris was the actual physical location of the Biblical Jerusalem. Having a tough time finding those videos at the moment though. Those old French coins are pretty cool. So what are all those statues of the Kings of Judea doing lined up at the Cathedral de Notre Dame all the way over in France?

I’m not sure exactly how mainstream historians have been explaining away the fact that all these foreign kings are being showcased like this in France. No wonder they demolished so much of the original city that we see in those Worlds Fair photos from 1889. Ancient Paris likely held many secrets of the Old World. I mean just look at it… look at the scale and scope and just flat out magnificence of Old World Paris.


“Jewish ties to Jerusalem is a myth;” “Jews are a ……
An academic conference in Jordan said that the Jewish ties to Jerusalem is a myth, saying that “Jewish historians are the ones who write the history related to the city of Jerusalem based on their trends and whims, in an attempt to obliterate any non-Jewish historical and archaeological identities found in the city.” The real facts, according to this conference, is that Jews only

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