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Goody Goody two Face Freemason FLYNN


Goody Goody two Face Freemason FLYNN
just like these clowns…but the question is who do they really work for?????
charlie ward who trafficked young children in coffins for The CaBal cause jesus loves you
simon parkes who molested woman in 2012 side kick of charlie fraud and another clown named Doug Billings.
nino rope a DOPE a wanna be
kerry cassidy who promotes nino rope a DOPE, CCP cirstn w and simon says
CCP cirstn w who claimed FREEMASON FLYNN lived down the street and just happened to die worth over $100 million just like charlie ward has made over $100 million the last two years cause jesus loves you.
scott mckay best friends with CCP cirtsn w
genie decode selling $7.00 blessed service Bullshit cause jesus loves you
Mel k ultra on every ready batteries who never shuts the fuck up and had another clown rossanne barr last week hoping to get new dummies to listen to her
cliff high a bullshiter since 2009
michael jaco lived next door to CCP Cirstn w
Liz Bliss.charlie frauds niece who just happened to help create the FAKE QFS two years ago for charlie ward who both promoted negative48 who claims is Jesus christ and does miracles and sells HOLEY water and she too owns Burger King and McDonalds restaurants with charlie ward.
negative48 doing miracles for the sheeple for money of course …cause jesus loves you
and the newbies and wanna be’s on BITCH u te Trending who are preachers,Ministers and selling coins,bibles and bullshit
THE BITCH BOYS who are data mining your info on this Platform and selling it for MONEY because just like charlie ward they LOVE THE MON NEY

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