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Skull Video 2022 Super Bowl Commercial Breakdown | The Beast System, Metaverse & Plenty of Androgynous, Transhumanist & Bi-Racial Vibes Throughout

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RUMBLE – Nothing super heavy just watching some of the most notable Super Bowl CMs and discussing how the System is using them as programming, mind control, sigil magic, etc for what it has planned in the transhumanist hellscape it’s attempting to build. finish up with the extremely dark Meta animatronics one and finally some fun watching the one actually good spot that was put out by Irish Spring

RUMBLE: https://rumble.com/vvhalt-skull-video-2022-super-bowl-commercial-breakdown-alt-skulls-charnel-house.html

The Beast System really is absolutely gross in every which way. The androgynous and bi-racial vibe was exceedingly creepy and present throughout most of the commercials. Much more so than usual, which is saying a lot.

But once again they are plainly plopping the truth right out in the open for anyone with enough sense to see it. They are not only telling you that the world is a stage and that outer space is a bunch of nonsense, but we’re also urging you to wake up out from the Beast System and out into the real world and out into nature even. They are trying to seem as though they are following Natural Law by putting out a message like that. A bit of Karmic Cleansing for the EL-ites appeared to be going on here. Especially with the Matthew McConaughey commercial that I’m referring to. But I’m sure that no one was paying any attention anyway. As if a few commercials that slightly nudge an already brainwashed society into the right direction and away from the Beast System is going to do anything at all after having already poisoned them with Chemtrails and nano-tech infused vaccines over the past few years and after decades of indoctrinating our public school systems with Marxist garbage.

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