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DISASTROWORLD | I’m a Rager Mom, I can’t help it (The Astroworld Documentary) | 2030 Unmasked. A Documentary about Agenda 2030, the New World Order. | Dayz of Noah: Things are Getting Weird

It’s amazing to me that YouTube is able to so successfully keep me from finding channels like these that any competent and honest algorithm would have found and recommend to me on my feed by now. But no, I have to discover them when manually browsing through the archive. Great channel.

Gen-Z is such a messed up generation. I don’t think most people realize just how bad these youth are. They are little monsters who have sketchy moral foundries, hate God and think the world owes them everything yet don’t want to lift a finger and work for anything. You don’t know how many employers I’ve talked to who tell me how they’ve lost count with the number of kids who will work for them for the minimum amount of time in order to qualify for unemployment and then immediately quit. It’s become a literal epidemic. I wouldn’t trust anyone under 30 to do a good job in the workplace. You’re more likely to catch a lawsuit over some social justice bullshit.

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2030 Unmasked. A Documentary about Agenda 2030, the New World Order


Dayz of Noah: Things are Getting Weird (01/22/2022)


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