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I feel like I’m surrounding by NPC. I’m not trying to blame anyone. It’s just a general feeling about the people around me. They moved from one narrative to another.

I feel the same way my friend. The exact same way. And it’s not just the worst of the worst of the Karens and the social media shills that have gone full blown NPC, but it seems that most of my family and friends have had their minds wiped and replaced with a much less articulate, less intelligent and much less independent copy of the original individual’s personality. There is no other way I can explain why so many people would inexplicably support our Governments right to jam a needle filled with mystery solution into our arms. Leftists don’t like it when I try to tell them that it’s not OK to crush the skull of their unborn fetus living inside them, so why would they think it’s OK to impose such an invasive and cruel procedure upon me and my autonomous body without my consent and while under duress?

I guess one concession we can take from this unfortunate rise of the NPC is that it won’t be as traumatic to have to deal with everyone’s eventual and inevitable death after having been forced to deal with such off-putting personalities for as long as we had. I’m a “glass half full’er”. It’s these poor kids that are being euthanized by mom and dad or permanently disabled that ends up being the real tragedy here. At least someone like myself can defend themselves to a certain degree. These kids are defenseless. All these adults who did this to themselves do not get a single shred of sympathy.





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