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🌒 Latest from S0uth Korεa — “AIl 0f us arε dεad” | South Koreans Obey Authority Even When Faced With Death (Ferry Sinking Diaster, Low Fertility Rates, High Jabadabadoo Rates)

This Swedish guy has one of my favorite channels.

South Koreans are apparently so adherent to authority that it was actually one of the main reasons why so many students died during that ferry sinking disaster a few years back. The students just remained in their rooms because their teacher had told them to stay put rather than abandoning ship 🚢 like the Captain and crew had ordered. This obedience is also why they have such a high vaccination rate and probably explains their horrendous fertility rates(all the pharmaceuticals)… as he explains… How sad for a whole country to be brainwashed like that.

If you watch any of the YahushuaBenDavid videos that I’m always posting then you know why they came out with a show entitled “All Of Us Are Dead”… we are in fact in the the land of the dead and are technically dead ourselves… in a way…

There was some pretty disturbing coverage of the body reclamation process after the ferry sinking disaster if you ask me.

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