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KARMIC JUSTICE: Ottawa Cop is Mounted & Raped by Police Horse

This was so funny that it inspired me to upload my very first short onto my YouTube account. I never upload to that piece of shit place, but I was curious to see what would happen and I didn’t want to put it on TikTok, the prime spot for short clips like these.


Enjoy one of the most heart warming pieces of photography that I’ve seen in a while. An Otawwa pig getting literally fucked up the ass by a GIANT cock. If only that horse had been given a bit more time and privacy, maybe he could have punctured through the clothing and gotten in all the way in. Holee lord would that have been fucking awesome. Reminds me of that song “Get it in dot com, get it in dot net“. Lol. I’m sure no one has any idea what I’m talking about. It was featured in the episode of Jersey Shore when Vinny fucked Angelina.

I cannot believe that this “Otawwa Gestapo” parody handle is still up and running on Twitter. I can’t believe I’m still up and running on Twitter. Lol.

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