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Woe Unto the Dumbites – Grantor of Dominion 100% | God, the Anunnaki, and the Demiurge. Are We Hybrids?

There is a lot of etymological truth in this video series for anyone who cares about the true origins of all these deities that they are unwittingly following by continuing to be a part of whatever organized mainstream religion they are involved with and still loyal to. I am by no means trying to discredit the existence of God, on the contrary, but the point that’s being made is that the “God” that is spoken of in scripture is very much of this earth and not the original creator God that you’ve been told he is. Yahweh, the God of Bible is in fact the Dragon Baal who is Moloch who is Cronos who is Zues/JeZues who is Horus/Isis who is Ra who is Odin/Woden who are ALL constructs of the Demiurge and likely Fallen Angels or Nephilim Demigods. In fact the entirety of the English language seems to have been designed as on big neverending curse word when you break down the etymological origins of many of its words. Unfortunately I do not have time to learn Greek or Latin and am stuck with the language I know.

On a side note it appears that this guy used to be “Truthiracy”, a channel that Eric Dubay claims is a Gatekeeper. I’m not sure why but it’s yet another example of how some of the best stuff comes directly from the bought and paid for deceivers. Though I can assure you that no one is paying me and I don’t make a dime off any of my content and refuse to even put a few simple AD’s on the website as not to slow down the load time. This blog costs me money in the end. I only care about the actual truth, something that has not always been palatable or comfortable for me to accept and come to terms with. But I suck it up and concede what needs to be conceded and will put it all out there when faced with undeniable evidence and lines of logic. In the end one needs to make up their own mind and formulate their own customized opinions. Like I always say, no single person ever has all the answers and I’ve yet to encounter anyone who’s complete body of work I agree with 100%. I usually end up finding out that I’ve been wrong about something new just about every day.

God, the Anunnaki, and the Demiurge. Are We Hybrids?
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