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Shill NPC Content Creators (Russian Vids/RV Truth, Leak Project, Enter the Stars, Demon Hunter) Who Rip-Off Actual Human Content Creators (Jake the Asshole, YahushuaBenDavid) | Fake Flat Earther – RV TRUTH – Exposed – Faceless Coward Shill

The same thing happens to me, all the time, it comes with the territory. That channel “Divergent“(who I still like and who’s channel is blowing up BTW) always seems to make a video about whatever I just happened to do a post on a day earlier. But I don’t really mind that much, I don’t own these subjects, no one does and it’s good to get a conversation going and get as many people involved as possible and I believe he has at least mentioned or shown my blog briefly in the past during his presentations. But in some cases content creators are just systematically stealing other’s work and never once mentioning where they first came across the information. In YahushuaBenDavid’s case they are clearly mocking him and not accurately representing themselves at all alt the same goes for the way Russian Vids has been dealing with Jake here.

Enter the Stars does the same thing with YahushuaBenDavid’s videos and there are several channels that exist for the sole purpose of immediately ripping off any video that Morgellons Live releases on Bitchute(Demon Hunter & Sky Dome Atlantis). Rex Bear of the Leak Project rips off YahushuaBenDavid a lot as well and even offhandedly mocks him as he’s doing it. Since Ben only has a tiny 300 or so followers after having what feels like a dozen YouTube channels taken away from him, these larger shill channels are able to get away stealing his intellectual property. Casey Anthony(yes, that’s his name) of Enter the Stars even left me a lengthy response trying to defend himself when I called him out on it, so it was definitely a touchy subject for him. There is no issue with CITING other people’s work and using it in one of your videos so long as you give the channel the proper credit for it. Misrepresenting someone else’s work as your own is the lamest thing that anyone can do. Just put a fucking link in the caption and mention where you first came across the shit and don’t be a lame-ass plagiarizer. You learn everything you learn from somewhere right?

Russian Vids / RV Truth has REALLY exposed himself by doing what he’s doing with Jake here. Jake is going to fuck his world up and already has. In a way this is exactly what they want is for us to cannibalize each other in our little community. It’s all by design. Russian Vids has done some great work exposing Crisis Actors and False Flag events in particular, so I’m sure there are many that are happy to see him discredited. Therefore we must be careful not to let any of their valid work die with them when we set out to annihilate their existence like Jake has pretty much done to Russian Vids here.

Ben Liashenko is RV Truth aka Russian Vids. This government agent has been pretending to be a truther for several years now while simultaneously bullying real truth content creators. This time Ben messed with the wrong guy though.




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