C.E.R.N., The Matrix, Time Travel


They always say that “time” is the most precious resource of all so it would make sense that the EL-ites would attempt to try to slow time down especially after their “Looking Glass” time travel/future predicting technology has shown them that everything comes crashing to and end at a date in the near future. Many actually think that this event actually happened in 2012 and we’ve been moved over to a Quantum copy of our original reality and into a new simulation so they can buy time to try to undo what’s already been done. I really don’t know. I do think there is some legitimacy to the multiverse theory and there are in fact an infinite number of alternate universes, worlds and timelines and a machine like CERN could be their attempt to try to traverse these dimensions or at least affect them in some way. However if you’ve watched the series “Loki” you’ll know that there is something they refer to as the “Divine Timeline” that cannot be altered no matter what anyone does because the Practitioner of the Demiurge has deemed it so.


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CERN closed for two years so they could upgrade their Magnets , now watch how Magnets can be used to slow time , view all videos as this does not work alone but in conjunction with Omicron Machine Time Crystals & the rest next video……..

Welcome if you are new to MorgellonsLive channel , Protocols posted first & as you work your way up the channel . I have done my best to keep videos in a progression of work .

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BITCHUTE: https://www.bitchute.com/video/4BjU8zWCFvYt/

Welcome if you are new to MorgellonsLive , Protocols are posted first & as you work up the channel , this will help clarify the progression of work posted in MorgellonsLive decade of research .

Everything is connected to light as I show in many many videos .
Gatekeeper Demon Hunter / Sky Dome Atlantis mimics all content on this channel with gang members including Sixth Sense , my work is posted all over these money making frauds websites & channels , misleading information is rife including original MorgellonsLive protocols taken & turned into deadly toxic misinformation by SixthSense posted on Boogieman money making webpage including streams of all content used to misinform .

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