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Alexa…When will world war 3 start? “11/23/23”. (Does anyone believe this crap?) | WW3 IS HERE , VOLODYMYR ZELENSKY AND VLADIMIR PUTIN ARE #SATAN , CHINA WORLD TAKEOVER | Cicada3301 Predicts April 2022 Start of WW3

I put very little stock in this if any. I offer this for your amusement and entertainment. Please use your discernment. I do not own an Alexa, I would not want it in my house. I did not bother to write down the date to see if was correct etc. The 2nd part of the video is supposed to be a former CIA guy. I did not know you could retire from the CIA. Source was the Learn Something New Today Channel I believe they are Brand New Tube. | BITCHUTE:

I remember seeing a video before the 2016 election where they asked both Alexa and one of those online A.I. algos that claim to be able to predict future events, “who would be our next President?” and it responded “Hillary Clinton”. So I think we can take this with a grain of salt. When I say “Listen to Everyone, Trust No One” that doesn’t include Robots. Sorry Lexy.

I doubt Alexa is given access to the “Looking Glass” time travel/future predicting technology that is purported to exist. Perhaps Alexa has access to the Sentient World Simulation somehow and is giving us a glimpse at one of the possible timelines, but I am not sure that the SWS simulation has accrued enough historical data by now to be useful in that context being that Quantum computers are still so new. I’m sure it’s inventors would assert otherwise though.

I think I remember YBD saying that WW3 would start in April of this year[2022]…SEE VIDEO BELOW. Either way, we should be readying ourselves for some kind of world and life altering event to be popping-off in the near future. If I had any, I would begin to convert all those digital “0’s” you see on your phones bank account app into useful tangible supply-assets with actual real-world value. Apocalyptic-world value I should say. Fuel, weapons, medicine, food, generators, transportation… stuff you know you will want and need if everything went to shit and went full blown Mad Max. I don’t have any money, so I won’t need to worry about doing any of that converting of asset classes. I also don’t have any children either so I can afford to go rogue and be out there on my own without any obligation or responsibility to speak of(except maybe my parents, but by then I’m sure they would have already idiotically given themselves up to FEMA or the U.N. against my advice. I might steal the dog from them though). Many of you who have young children do not have that luxury and will need to take a more defensive-minded approach, which means you start preparing now. The guy who’s been a “prepper” for the last 30 years is not the batshit crazy person many make them out to be. They are just extra-hedging their bets.

HOWEVER, in my opinion, I think WW3 will be much more of a cyber war than a traditional war and may have actually already started so to speak. I think the military forces around the world are far too evenly matched in 2022(I’m sure Russia & China would disagree) and it would result in the annihilation of whole planet if 2 superpowers ever were to all-out engage one and other in a full blown war. What’s the point of taking over the world if you end up destroying it in the process of taking it?

And for those out there who think “Anonymous” is a benevolent hacking organization, have you ever actually watched any of the Cicada3301 videos or looked into that shit in any meaningful way? Their WW3 prediction video below is filled with horrific and Demonic apocalyptic foreshadowing. The symbolism should come flying off the screen and immediately pop-out at you. The human caged-up in a shopping cart, the red/blue shift theme throughout, the Satanic ritual circle, the setting sun with the eyes of Satan, the Russian tank with a Z on the side… there is a lot in there. Cicada3301 is obviously the Saturn Cube.

Cicada3301 April WW3 |


BITCHUTE: video same as lili The nas dancing with the devil APRIL WW3 NUKES

Looks like there is a new Cicada3301 on the block:

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