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The CIA are just fat pedos who run around the world protecting the pedo blackmail scheme, and the currency monopoly their owners control. Don’t know why anyone here fears those fat clowns, unless it’s part of the psyop to constantly make truthers afraid of fat boomer pedos in suburban Virginia. | CELEBRITIES EXPOSING ELITE PEDOPHILE RINGS

Damn right about that. The C.I.A. is made up of some of the most useless and immoral people on earth. They are the top dogs when it comes to smuggling drugs and human beings. They just put on a front that they are somehow combating those things when in actuality those operations are just to snuff out their competition and to assume control of the illegal operation for themselves. John Brennan was one of the most off-putting pieces of shit I’ve ever seen.

By the way, do you know which county in known to have quite the human trafficking problem? Yup…Ukraine.

The Event Horizon Chronicle told me about the time he called-out Robert David Steele and the C.I.A. and R.D.S. promptly blocked him from the email chain they had been communicating on up until that point. He definitely looks like he could be a human trafficking Gatekeeper.


It’s been a multi-year process collecting all of these videos (and more, but whittling it down to what’s in this video) of various movie, television, music and sports stars speaking out against elite child trafficking, pedophile rings within politics and Hollywood, Illuminati music industry rituals and more. So please excuse the runtime. There’s no filler here, it’s a lot of first-hand (and some second-hand) testimony on some of the worst and sickest crimes which get swept under the rug on the regular.

Ashton Kutcher’s Human Trafficking Organization (Thorn) Connection to Jeff Bezos and the CIA.
The FINDERS! CIA backed FBI Cult of Satanism and Human Trafficking! PizzaGate is Real!
Central Happenings Network
Karmavirus. Death. Karmavirus. Death. Karmavirus. Death. Karmavirus. Death. Karmavirus. Death. Karmavirus. Death.
Karmavirus. Death. Karmavirus. Death. Karmavirus. Death. Karmavirus. Death. Karmavirus. Death. Karmavirus. Death.
All [historical] lies, impersonations and deception of luciferaun/ dajjal/ yajuj-majuj … shall now all fall — exposed, destroyed and dead!
Must see:
As Promised, Allah is Destroying all things Evil, Riba/ Khayana, Satanist/ Luciferian/ Pedo-SSodomite-Bebylo-Kabbalah-Massonic-SSecret-SSociety-SSynagogue-of-SSatan-SShadow-SState-SSHIa, Deceptive/ Impostor, Oppressive, Unjust, Mendacious, Perfidious, Idolatrous and Wrong … in this whole world!
The Crime of the Century (2021): Official Trailer
Big Pharma Companies Are Exploiting The World’s Poor
The Mummy: The Karma and Death of Ben
Coronavirus and the money behind vaccines (a.k.a., “how massonic govt.s/ countries [such as India] around the whole massonic world are making money out of killing their own citizens on behalf of their massonic gods)!
Disturbing Vaccine/ Drug Needle Pollution Along Rivers [and oceans?!]
Grand Shia Ayatolla graduate from Hashish Dens The Sacred Mushroom & the Cross Fertility Cults and the Origins of Judaism and Christianity (and all other “Shia”)
Oh [Luciferaun’s/ Dajjal’s/ YajujMajuj’s] faux “Revelations/ Vaccines”!
90 health/science institutions globally all failed to cite even 1 record of “SARS-COV-2” purification, by anyone, anywhere, ever!
Sodom & Gomorrah is Being Destroyed … as Luciferaun/ Dajjal/ Yajuj-Majuj/ Kabbalah-Massons/ ISIS etc. worldwide all continue PERISHING to DEATH!
The complete meltdown/ death of the whole world is surely inevitable (especially when the swabbed-apped-vaxxed people realize how they, and especially their future & children, are dying off).
All filthy pedo-sodomites/ luciferians/ bohemian groves/ chabad-vatican/ frankist-sabbatean-kabbalah-massons (and their criminally misanthropic institutions/ establishments/ corporations/ UNSC/ SShadow SState/ SSynagogue of SSatan/ SSecret SSociety of G-sus/ “Riba” & “Shia” of every sort, etc.) should not, and shall not, exist anymore.
– Mors de Societatis Occulte, Judæis, Freemasons, Templarii, Usuris, URBI ET, Sionismi, Casus Belli (Death of Luciferian-Kabbalah-Nazi-Massonic: SSecret SSocieties, SSynagogue of SSatan, SShadow SStates, Jewry, Freemasons, Templars, Usury, Vatican, Zionism, Spooks, Impostors & Impostor Religions/ Sects, Surveillance, Transhumanism, Targeted-Harassment-Torture-Censorship Tech., 5G, Media, Policing, Drones and Corruption)! (Made with Serato Free & Swatches)
– Maledicent Eis Innocentes (Execrabilis! You all shall suffer die from every wrong you did against me!) (Serato Free)
– Fall of Impostor Civilizations! Fall of Science & Tech.! (Final Cries from Sick Synths)
– Consequent Death of Misanthropic: Riba, Enslavement, Surveillance, Control & Transhumanism! (Reaper)
– The Inevitable End [of everything: Luciferaun/ Dajjal/ Yajuj-Majuj/ RIba] is finally here!
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