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Elites Look Scared & Mad April 8/Nisan 7 Is Wormwood coming?

New Rose Hannah videos are always an exciting treat, especially when she’s showing you what she believes to be the EL-ites in a panic of sorts. Though we saw similar behavior at the onset of their little civil war when Trump was taking out heavy hitters left and right, so it could just be something along those lines. But it’s still nice to see them floundering around and clearly uncertain about the future. A Wormwood Asteroid would suck shit, but being that I’m 99.99% sure these days that outer space is fake, I’m not too too worried about it. That is unless the “Asteroid Phenomenon” is something completely different in nature but still very much real.

Rose Hannah Bitchute Backup: Rosehannah413

I found this result after decoding “business is personal” since she really emphasized that phrase.

Asteroid 2022 AE1 #Asteroid #Space #nearearthobject #Shorts (video)

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