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Fun Variety Show – QUANTUM OF CONSCIENCE | A.I. HUMOR…CLAIM: Jack Black’s Mom Helped Save Apollo 13 Astronauts While in Labor 🤣😅😂

Source: https://freevoice.io/blog/2022/03/06/fun-variety-show/

With all the Gatekeepers continuing to expose themselves at a steady rate, the number of channels/blogs that I follow on the reg has been getting smaller and smaller so its nice to have Matt at QoC as someone you can always rely.

Hearing Matt talk about the sheeple shoving cinder blocks up their asses reminded me of the medicinal dildos that I had always asserted the NPCs would be happy to shove up their asses if the CDC told them it provided some level of protection against Covaids. If Dr. Fauci’s green screen CGI avatar(his is the most obvious) came up on the TV screen and suddenly announced that a dildo lubricated with special medicine needed to remain inside your anal cavity at all times in order to shield you from contracting the dreaded Covaids, there would a shocking number of people that would be more than happy to comply. I dare the A.I. to do that as an April’s Fools joke. I know you’re listening right now Sofia. Do it. I dare you. It would be so funny watching them walk around out in public with their dildos. That would be so cool if you Sofia.

Another day in the Twighlight Zone.

The A.I. definitely likes to play us for fools. Enough is enough. Becoming aware of this stuff is all that needs to happen in order to render their control system ineffective.

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