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Justin Beiber is Jim Carey | All Hollywood Celebrities Are Played By A Small Core Group of Actors, Supplemented w/ Synthetic Tares & Programmable Robotoids When Necessary

Just stumbled across this post that I forgot to hit the publish button for from last week. Whoops.

Along with ConciousX and his girl Divine Sade, you should also check out the channel Fake n Famous which gives a slightly different variation of this paradigm and shows how these celebrities are played by numerous different people throughout that character’s lifetime.

These two(Concious X & Divine Sade)have been doing a great job in exposing this paradigm and the fact that Hollywood celebrities are nothing but characters who can be played by a cast of different actors at any point in their career. He really delves deep into the research and has found quite a few alarming connections and “coincidences”.

In his most recent video he exposes Jim Carey as being the main character behind Justin Beiber. It seems crazy at first but he makes quite the convincing case if you give the video a chance.

Many people had been convinced that Beiber had been also playing the part of the Weekend, and while Concious X disagrees with this and thinks that it was purposeful misinformation, I think that he is wrong about that actually and I do believe that one of the Justin Beiber lookalikes / silicone mask wearers has indeed played the part of the Weekend in the past. The point is, ANYONE can pretty much play the part of anyone else by throwing on one of those fancy silicone masks and copying their mannerisms. There appears to be but a small group of actors in Hollywood who play ALL the parts. These people are not really “people”, remember that. They are a mix of shape-shifting synthetic Tares, biological clones and and full blown programmable Robotoids. There is no one single and simple explanation to surmise who these people actually are and how specifically and logistically they are able get away with impersonating these celebrities throughout their careers. There are a variety of methods of deception that are utilized.

As you can see from the channel “Fake Famous”, these celebrities are played by an entire cast on different individuals throughout the course of the careers. They will even replace them smack in the middle of filming a movie like what appears to have happened to Al Pacino during the making of Scarface.

These old videos from the channel Donsld Rumsfeld were some of the first to start pointing out these celebrity character


Further confirmation that all Hollywood actors and actresses are comprised of the same small group of men and women(often gender inverts)who play the part of multiple actors/musicians. (e.g. Kristen Bell vs. Avril Lavigne, Matthew McConaughey vs. Owen Wilson). | There Are Actually Only 9 Men In Hollywood

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