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Juan O’Savin Seen w/ Michael Jaco on July 22, 2021 & Also w/ Rogue News as “W” on July 28, 2017. Juan O’Savin aka “W the Intelligence Insider” is Wayne R. Willot and NOT JFK Jr.!

Wayne: you’ve been outed and exposed my boy. Just give it up. This is beyond embarrassing.

July 22,2021 The big reveal…for at least the second time!! Everyone’s fave!! Here’s a clue..it’s not JFKjr… With Thanks Verigo Kennedy Twitter @VerigoKennLove. | Original YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/vLv9Sjwf444

This Glow 4 channel on YouTube has collected a ton of great content. They had most of Agent 19’s now privatized videos on the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force as well as some of the original clips of Juan O’Savin accidentally revealing his true identity during a livestream. My original post exposing this clown:

Juan O’Savin aka Wayne Ronald Willot is NOT JFK Jr. & Gene Decode is NOT an Insider. They Are BOTH Frauds & BOTH Associates of Pedophile Con-Artist Timothy Charles Holmseth. HERE’S YOUR PROOF. Enough of this Charade! Has the Whole New Age Community Gone Completely Brain Dead?

Here is the other instance where Wayne R. Willot accidentally exposes his true identity during a livestream. Amateur hour. Divine Interlooper was the first one to expose Juan as being Wayne R. Willot and created an extensive playlist on Bitchute outlining their research on him: https://www.bitchute.com/playlist/l62zOzniZudQ/

There is no excuse for anyone to still be following this guy and hanging on his every word while also brazenly insinuating that he’s actually JFK Jr.. I’m looking at you Kerry Cassidy and Linda Paris. Clean that shit up. Anyone with an internet connection and 2 working eyeballs would have stumbled upon these proofs by now, but for some reason many of you in the already annoying-ass New Age crowd appear to still be in denial and desperate to cling onto the notion that Juan is JFK Jr.. All in a vain but futile effort to save face after having promoted this guy for so long and represented him as being the John John. I thought that Kerry of Project Camelot(aka Project Camel Toe, a New Age themed Lilith mindfuck operation) actually did a good job grilling “Juan” during one of her interviews with him about why Q hadn’t delivered on so many promises and why we have to continue to put up with the Biden administration clown show. She asked a series of great questions and appeared to be attempting to hold the guy accountable. But then she inexplicably concludes the segment by reasserting that she believes that Juan is in fact the much beloved “John John”. That was disappointing to see. C’mon Kerry. You might be a Gatekeeper but I know you are much smarter than that and so are your subscribers.

That’s not John John. Whoops….LOL. The show must go on, right? Just act like it never happened and keep moving forward. Is that what his bosses at the C.I.A. told him after this embarrassing accidental reveal? Lol. It’s a Clownworld through and through. Clean it up New Age community. You’ve been fucking up for a while by clinging to stupid narratives like the Galactic Federation of Light or this Juan O’Savin bullshit. This is beginner level discernment people. A monkey could find out the truth about this guy in 5 seconds via a simple web query.

This guy has been fooling a lot of people for quite a while by this stage of the game and does not appear to be inclined to stop anytime soon despite being thoroughly exposed and called-out for being the shill and con-artist that he obviously is.

Impersonating JFK Jr. via this Juan O’Savin character as a means of keeping the Q movement alive and well appears to be what his current assignment is at the C.I.A. or whatever intelligence apparatus is employing him.

This Wayne R. Willot character is a very well spoken, charismatic and clearly highly educated individual who likely works for one our despicable intelligence agencies, making him a very dangerous individual indeed.

His superiors probably told him to just keep going at all costs and to ignore the people like us who ain’t falling for it and despite the embarrassing trove of evidence in the form of his livestream bloopers that have been shared all over the place on both YouTube and Bitchute.

There has to be some kind of hardcore crime that this guy is committing by impersonating a SUPER famous celebrity who’s supposed to be dead and gone. No? I’m sure he was promised immunity by his bosses who will likely betray him when it becomes advantageous for them to do so.

He reminds me of a Rob Skiba or Robert David Steele, both of whom were also extremely articulate and likable personalities who were likely cashing paychecks from the C.I.A. in return for peddling their deceptive and diversionary “truther” narratives as they played the classic role of a Gatekeeper.

PSYOPS & CONFUSION: Vaccine Genocide, Military Police State, Chinese Communist, Gun Confiscation Takeover | Robert Steele, Juan O’Savin, Simon Cowles & Q are ALL CIA PSYOPS! False Flag Biden Assassination Planned

DIVINE INTERLOOPER PLAYLIST ON WILLOT: https://www.bitchute.com/playlist/l62zOzniZudQ/ | These are the videos I’ve done on Juan O Savin. He’s had my channel shut down on YouTube as well as Vimeo for exposing him. His real name is Wayne Ronald Willott, ex P.I. out of Washington state doing work for workmen’s comp cases. He is a really big fraud and is running a scam. Beware!

I’ve done extensive digging on Wayne Ronald Willott to check things people have DM’ed me with. Here’s what I have confirmed.

1) 1-0-7 IS a number he has gone by for decades. Juan O Savin is just another version of that.
2) He worked for several private investigator firms …
3) He had a federal job.
4) He was a federal contractor for an investigation.
5) He had connections to the Reagan family and appeared on Michael Reagan’s show.
6) He is a top notch investigator and can draw excellent conclusions.
7) He has been able to predict events.
8) He has had no connections to the Kennedy’s.
9) He embellishes the truth to fantastical levels. He’s an entertaining story teller.
10) He has an intense charisma. 11) He is not JFK Jr. I did not use any sources connected to Field McConnell, Timothy Holmseth or …… Wayne Willott. This information was independently verified.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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