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LIAM KELLY: THE ELIMINATION OF 5000 MILLION PEOPLE | Jesus Christ as Horus, Product of Saturn Worship? | Coronal Mass Ejection or Wormwood Asteroid/Comet Projected For April 2022


So another doomsday prediction for the Spring of this year, but in this one they claim it will go down via a giant Asteroid impact in May of 2022 and not in April of 2022 like the Rose Hannah April Wormwood prediction or the April 2022 Coronal Mass Ejection event that YBD has been warning us is bound to take place. Though he did get this exact prediction wrong once before. It’s just food for thought.

Coronal Mass Ejection:

But I am not going to enthusiastically get behind either prediction. I am officially out of the doomsday prediction business after seeing so many different heavily hyped deadlines come and go over the years with no event to speak of. So I suspect the same thing will happen this time and the Spring will come and go without any cataclysm. Matt at QoC made a good point in that the EL-ites still seem to be playing the long game and making preparations for the distant future with all these vaccine passport and digital currency projects in the works and don’t necessarily seem to be scrambling and cowering in anticipation of the end of days. Though you could never know for sure.

I finally checked my email today for the first time in a while and there were quite a few of my Christian followers who are not too happy with me for my recent apprehension about the legitimacy of this Jesus figure as the true son of the Creator God and status as the divine Messiah character we are told he is in the New Testament. I commend them for sticking up for their beliefs and at the end of the day they are just doing their jobs as Christians and most are acting is the purest of faith you could imagine. Steve Quayle always said that there was no such thing as a quiet Christian.

But I have simply seen too much by this point to continue to be able to put my faith in any of the Abrahamic religions as being the true gospel and the original divine word of the Creator God(with a big “G”), free of any worldly interference and modification at the hands of man. There is just no way. Catholicism, Islam and Judaism are all heavily influenced by Satanism, Sun/Saturn Worship and the Moloch/Owl god of child sacrifice. They seriously just hijacked alchemical symbols and assigned them to each of their new control systems/religions at the end of the last reset.

Most Christians in the “Truther”(that word makes me want to throw up these days) community are starting to realize just how bad the Vatican truly is and have distanced themselves from the church, but not from scripture or the faith as a whole.


But this does not mean that I no longer have any faith in the existence of God in general. My faith in him is actually as high as its ever been despite my disappointment and hesitancy to continue to lend legitimacy to the Christian faith. If you’re looking to watch an uplifting an inspirational documentary about humanity’s universal love for the one true Creator God, watch “The Arrivals”(VIDEO) by the makers of “The Antichrist Dajjal Will Be a Reptilian Shapeshifter”(VIDEO).

I still think it’s possible that the Messiah mythos could have been loosely based on some kind of fundamental original “truth” as it read in the oldest of the Irish/Druid Bible(Old Old Testament). I know my friend Gian Luca is always telling me about these prophetic dreams he has about the true Messiah having been stabbed in the chest with a sword somewhere up north where it’s cold and snowy. The Satanic Latin cross is actually a representation of the handle of the sword he was killed with and the image of him nailed up to the handle of this cross is erroneously represented as the Crucifixion. This is also where we get the “sword in the stone” mythos from. And we mustn’t forget that a honest translation of the Bible tells us that this Messiah figure was actually slung up over a post or a tree sticking out of the ground and was not actually nailed up onto a t-shaped cross like most of us are told he was. WATCH: THE TRUTH ABOUT THE CRUCIFIXION(VIDEO) Also don’t forget that we shouldn’t be revering the image of anyone, but especially not of a Messiah figure nailed up on a Satanic Latin cross. It’s an extremely profane version of idol worship.


But that’s also just me being hopeful and acknowledging the theoretical possibility of the legitimacy of this “Son of God” / Messiah figure and does not necessarily mean there is much proof for any of these versions of the story. A trained observer who analyzes the story of Jesus and the specifics of the Crucifixion and the Resurrection should immediately be able to identify blatant Sun worship parallels that have been clearly and intentionally strategically embedded via the details and specifics of the story, meaning it’s really just another form of ancient Sun worship or Saturn worship(Saturn used to be our “Sun”). More Babylonian and Egyptian crap. What else is new? Horus and Jesus also have a striking number of similarities, but more on that later.

I’ve also broken down the etymological origins of the original words for the God of the Torah and the Messiah figure of the New Testament and have found numerous issues with each and every iteration. Yahweh IS Lord Bael who was probably a dragon and also the god of this world but is certainly not the Creator God.

Yahushua, Yahusha and Yahuah are just more “Yah” iterations and “Yeshua” is actually Hebrew slang for what is essentially a Aramaic/Hebrew/Yiddish curse word from the Talmud designed to mock JeZues. The only version isn’t completely obviously malevolent in nature is the “Ahayah Yashiya” version, but we really can’t accurately trace much from this time period to actually know for sure.

The bottom line is that word of scripture and the names that have been used to describe this God are clearly of is this world and therefore not possibly genuinely divine. That doesn’t mean that this entity impersonating God did not have the ability to seem God-like and perform miracles like encoding the Bible code matrix into the Torah or creating the plagues of Egypt and even the parting of the Red Sea by Moses.

I will admit that the Ron Wyatt research is still very compelling and fascinating as far as its apparent verification of what’s written in the Bible in terms of the evidence he discovered lending to the miraculous nature of the resurrection and the physical proof of the existence of the cities of Soddom and Gomorrah, complete with balls of highly flammable sulfur to go along with the rest of the very compelling evidence. He also claimed to have found Noah’s Ark, the Arc of the Covenant and the Tower of Babel. That being said I think those were both pieces of technology that were facilitated by the Fallen Angels and did not have anything to do with the actions of the true Creator God. The Archons = the Archangels who built Noah’s Ark and the Ark of the Covenant. Those are not coincidences and anyone who tries to claim they are just coincidences is either a lying shill or extremely unintelligent. Whether or not these Watcher Angelic beings are in fact benevolent or malevolent is still up for debate, but the similarities in the “Arc/Ark/Arch” prefaces of these names are no mere coincidence.

I am convinced that anything of this world cannot have been “of” God. There has been too much time for humans to seize the opportunity to meddle with our history and re-write or even completely fabricate the scriptures to be able to confidently assert that the Bible is actually divine word. I think that any of the “god’s” that have been known to man throughout the course of history were all just fractal avatars of the Progenitor of the Demiurge and were only impersonating and trying to usurp God and continue to do so up to this day. That goes for the God of the Old Testament as well.

And why would Jesus refer to us as sheep? I don’t think the theoretical “real” Jesus would refer to us as an animal that’s known to be dumb and compliant and is used as a resource by the Shepherd. But the Progenitor(Lucifer) would definitely get a kick out of referring to us as sheep.

I am open to hearing some sound arguments as to why I’m wrong to think the way I do. I just call them like I see them and the last thing I want to do is unwittingly follow a dark spiritual force that has been doing its best to deceive us into thinking it is the legitimate Creator when it’s nothing but a parasitic imposter that imprisons our spiritual essence for purposes of harvesting our creative energy and for projecting this reality simulation upon the optics of our consciousness.


were are in satans and liliths parasitic matrix , they take care of us IN EXCHANGE FOR SOME OF OUR LIFE FORCE , IF YOU WANT THEM TO HELP YOU you have to give them your life force or the life force of other aka sacrifice kill someone

If Jesus is in fact the real deal and all-forgiving like the Bible claims he is then he would surely understand my position and my prudence and wouldn’t be offended that I ultimately decided to err on the side of caution when it came to my undying loyalties to any particular deity that I might have learned about during my time here on earth and why my suspicions were valid that the “Jesus” figure was actually not at all who Christians think he is. This kind of overarching theme of religious deception and is exactly why I won’t be going into the light and follow any Lord or Jesus figure upon my journey into the afterlife.

Jesus-christ = ARC-AngelMicheal = LordAshtarCommand + #LIlithPeace are reptilians in Human Holograms| satan and lilith are coming back soon posing as gods using #projectbluebeam – posing as !!!! Buddha , Jesus-Christ , ST-Germain , Virgin-Marry , Semjase , ST-olga , Allah , Brahma ECT , lucifer will go to every country posing as the god of that country and religion . satan and lilith will also pose as the-ashtar-command , galatic-federation-of-light ECT , !!!!!! DO


The HIVE is an electronic housing case and information processing machine from drones. Each drone has its own unique “mind” and is controlled by… KLOUD.
Produced by

The Antichrist is supposed to come as a donkey and Jesus also happens to be associated with a donkey. I don’t play that coincidence shit anymore. You can see him on his donkey with his Sun halo around his head. Christmas is actually Saturnalia and Easter is just solstice commemoration. This is Sun worship through and through.

They mock you with a cannibalistic “body of Christ” ritual when you go up for communion. The Caucasian long haired version of Jesus that we see blasphemously peering down at us inside churches in the form of an idol is actually in most cases actually either a depiction of Apollyon the Destroyer or a representation of the gay lover of Cesare Borgia who was the son of the first dynastic Pope in Rome. It’s all one big mock fest by the Hidden Hand and Club 93. I now know why I used to get such an eerie and menacing feeling when going inside churches for Sunday Mass.


REX-BEAR LEAK-PROJECT IS #SATAN HE IS THE NARRATOR OF THIS MOVIE WE ARE IN #FLATEARTH IS S HOLOGRAPHIC STAGE LUCIFERS INTERGALATIC MOVIE SET , HE TELLS US WHAT HE HAS WRITTEN IN HIS SCRIPT , AKA THE BIBLE SCRIPTURE IS THE MOVIE SCRIPT AKA FOOD SHORTAGES plagues comets asteroids floods all part of satans movie script aka bible scripture #thegame23 is satans game @altrealitygamex and @m1vr4 are satans twitter check them out puppet master satan


THE SOLAR FLARE HAPPENS THIS SUMMER IT IS THE PURE-RAT RAPTURE , , THE RATS ARE HUMANS WHO TOOK SATANS RAT BAIT AKA VACKSEEN VACKSINATION , All the home rodents who too the pure-rat rapture rodent bait will be taken to hell during the rapture solar flash that is going to happen this summer 2022 , satans beast system is up and ready by 2023 (ted tlaks 2023 from movie Prometheus ) thats why satan is doing the 3 days of darkness , rapture , A.I. reset this year 2022 before summer to prepare his beast system for 2023. if you are still here by September 2023 you will be stuck in satans beast system . in 2023 satan will appear as jesus christ but he is really the anti christ satan running his beast system in 2023 posing as jesus christ

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  1. Thanks for the food for thought. I am enjoying your posts.

    Some thoughts here: Rudolf Steiner talks about how the Christ Being is the spirit of the sun. The ancients foresaw his coming and worshipped him through the sun. They were prophetic, because back then humanity was closer to the spiritual world. Nothing evil here, but all these sacred symbols were inverted and smeared with feces by the backward Luciferic beings, the forerunners you could say of the pedophilic Roman Catholic Church. You understand this, yet you allow their mind control to turn you away from Spiritual Science. You must go behind their inversions. People like Alvin Boyd Kuhn and Rudolf Steiner have helped me with this. Before them, I thought more or less like you in this post.

    Jesus is the lamb and referred to us as sheep because the lamb is a symbol of Aries, the springtime where the sun is exalted, having defeated winter (Set, Satan) at the equinox.

    • Comment by post author

      Good stuff. I’m glad to have you around. I had to turn off comments for a while after getting malware attacked. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

      I’m Def not on board with the “being guided by higher beings” scenario. I think any Archonic force that would intervene/interfere for any reason could not be benevolent and I’m still pretty adherent to the notion that the substrate our consciousness currently resides on resembles something more along the lines of a fractal or machine. Whether or not synthetic consciousness equates to malevolence inherently..idk.

      As far as the Transhuman angle of the vax, We will have to see how well this Black Goo nano-tech actually ends up working. From the looks of it they haven’t gotten it to work “fully” yet and maybe biological life has some built in spiritual “fail-safes”… I hope so…

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