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Cathy Fox Permanently Suspended from Twitter Over “Vax Misinformation” and the Hunter Biden Laptop From Hell

Hunter Biden laptop Whack a Mole (MP4)

They got Cathy Fox! Of course it was a Hunter Biden related post. It’s seriously astonishing to see how much effort has been put into covering up the saga of the druggie low-life extortionist pedophile and Beta Sex Kitten handler known as Hunter Biden. It’s unreal.

We are talking about one the creepiest, overtly immoral and wildly despicable individuals that have ever graced the public sphere. He was engaged in sexual relationships with his underage niece, his dead brothers wife and even purportedly with his half sister at one point. All this while vaccuming up copious amounts of crack and all while recording these degenerative escapades for good measure so it could eventually be leaked to the press by a computer repairman after the real Hunter was executed with Papa and in turn never showed up to retrieve the thing. Like father like son.

When Hunter’s Laptop from Hell burned up the headlines last week, chock full of images and videos of pedophilia including with a close family members (niece), all I could think was, “Pedophilia and maybe incest run rampant in this horrible family. Like father, like son????”.” – Ashley Biden Disturbing Memories of Creepy, Handsy Father Joe Biden. Where was Mother Jill Biden?

I’m honestly surprised that Cathy Fox even made is this long. It was a good run. I’ll do my best to use my apparent and inexplicable immunity on Twitter to keep pushing headlines like the one that just got her banned in my continued quest to attempt to finally break this ridiculous system and wake the Zombified public the fuck up. Though I’m not holding my breathe, but I’m also not ever going to give up. I hope Cathy doesn’t get too discouraged by this and keeps up on her WordPress blog. She might be the most thoroughly researched blogger on the entirety of the internet when it comes to human sex trafficking, 🍕 Gate and the Hunter Biden laptop from hell.

I would backup all her posts just to be prudent since WordPress is known to deactivate sites without any warning like they did to my heavily trafficked and now defunct blog. Luckily I was able to charm a semi-cool tech support rep over at WordPress and she hooked me up with the backup file containing all my original posts, minus the multimedia(a huge pain in the ass to fix).

I felt like tuning up my troll-snuffing skills a bit a decided to go full blown scorched earth on one of the Vaxhole retards that made the mistake of posting some mind-numbingly dumb shit like this in the comments section of a real human blogger who I happen to admire and respect. These idiots cannot be allowed to skirt by. They need to have their asses handed to them so they learn to sit down, shut up and die from their jabs in silence. No one wants to hear your whining.

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Cathy Fox Permanently Suspended from Twitter

Finally I have been suspended from twitter.

It was of course always on the cards, as I post subjects against the globalist criminal cabals lying narrative.

19000+ followers and 5 or more years building up that following. That took effort, as I blog and post about child sexual abuse, though latterly I did expand to the illuminati as thats where child abuse and child trafficking took me. Then onto covid and other subjects, and it was covid post that got me!

I lost 5000 followers in the purges, which took me over a year to get back. The main purges was just before the US elections and one soon after iirc. I survived these but picked up twitter suspension damage for having the timerity to post a G News link to the Hunter Biden laptop from hell.

At the time, as it was just before the US Biden /Trump election and would undoubtedly have affected peoples votes, it was not allowed to be posted, the excuse being as it came from hacked sources. It would have made fixing the election even more obvious than it was.

Of course it was not from hacked sources, as was very obvious at the time, but they need some veneer of reasoning, even overtly false reasoning that the mckingbird media can pick up on and stand behind to buy them time. The Hunter Biden laptop story was true as has now been admitted, but to control the narrative and stop the truth getting to the masses then even the New York Post was banned from twitter.

So this “Hunter Biden” ban was totally unjustified as most peoples bans are.

Then disgusting globalist liar, and friend of Chelsea Clinton, Devi Sridhar got me banned.

I tweeted to her a link correcting her lies. Of course this was silly, I should not have tweeted her directly, even though she had blatantly lied, speaking to children, telling them that vaccines were safe and effetive with no side effects. She complained and get me banned. Globalist lies win over public truth in the eyes of twitter “community guidelines” enforcers.

I did get my word out about her lies with my blog Devi Sridhar and Covid Narrative Warfare [3]

Later when she had the audacity to start the year by complaining I wrote this Devi Sridhar – Lies and Misinformation [4] This was a blog in which my friend made my favourite meme, which they have kindly made into a gif for me…

Before the above bans, was my first ban, when I gave Lisa Page the traditional greeting of Santa Claus – Ho Ho Ho, on Dec 28th, in reply to some tweet of hers professing innocence of any wrongdoing in FBI corruption. It appears she took it in a different way to ridiculing her statement and complained.

I can only assume she thought I was calling her a ho (not really a word used in England) for her affair with the criminal FBI Deputy Andrew McCabe. Well if the cap fits Lisa. Fyi in England we would use the word whore or prostitute.

Again though, a mistake I should have learned from if I didn’t want to get banned. Deep state will always be favoured by twitter, no matter what. Do not engage with them.

The next ban was different. I could tell that twitter/luciferian globalist criminal cabal were trying to brand all people who disagreed with the vaccine narrative as “antivaxxers”, and establishing the word antivaxxer as a term of abuse /demonisation, and far wider than its normal definition. They wanted to create a medical equivalent of perjoratively used term “conspiracy theorist”.

By this the globalist cabal and their minions were trying to set the “Overton Window” – the boundaries of discussion that they would accept. Anyone outside these parameters would be demonised and diminished not by reasoned argument but by what they were making into a perjorative term – a term of abuse essentially.

People who discussed subjects outside the Overton window were assaulted with this boogeyman term. Its a way of tackling the man not the ball, attack the person not the argument.

I tried to push back and pointed that the term was not justified as the term was used aganst fully vaxxed people who merely don’t want a gene therapy “vaccination” (and they had to change the definition of vaccination to even include it)

Antivaxxers is a term that lazy ignorant people and shill use to describe mostly fully vaccinated people, who object to using an experimental gene therapy whose trials do not finish until 2023. The manufacturers are absolved of all liability and the toll of side effects is huge.

Twitter were prepared to defend the twitter Overton window with a ban, so it could not be challenged.

They are all powerful on their platform. That may or may not be fair enough, but when they have to lie that others spread misinformation to justify banning people, when it is they themselves who are deliberately spreading a disinformation narrative then it is not fair enough. It is fraud that should be challenged but we are in the catch 22 that the globalist cabal control the court system as well and it is prohibitively time consuming and also prohibitively expensive.

9 months later of course, twitter achieved their objective of controlling the narrative to allow jabs and fair progress on vaccine passports/digital ID to build the social credit score/AI /transhuman control system.

Now onto the next media psyop – Russia/Ukraine to cover up the covid psyop, even though it has been admitted by the people who made it, that the covid vaccination is experimental gene therapy. The demonisation using the term antivaxxer is still used but less prevalent, as the facts become more widepsread, so I dont think I would got a ban for this today. They have changed the Overton window as defending that part is not worthwhile.

My final ban fittingly perhaps, came when I posted my own blogpost. If you are going to be banned at least I get satisfaction that it was for my post, albeit of others work. It was not for some trivial repost of someone elses tweet.

My blog post was about a pivotal event when, if Ivermectin was approved for use with Covid, the covid vaccine could not have been given emergency use. Quite simply it was not an emergency, as there were other treatments. However the research was delayed and then diminished by a couple of bent scientists Andrew Hill and Andrew Owen for money, and so the gene therapy jab redefined as a “vaccination” went ahead.

The post is worth reading! which of course is why it was banned Ivermectin Lies, Big Pharma Pawns, Traitors to Mankind [1]

I guess it was the words Ivermectin Lies that the algorithm picked up.

It was a bit silly of me as I had been fairly careful to refer in that thread to call Ivermectin as “Ivor the Engine”, to avoid the algorithm.

However I was in “distribute my blog post” mode across various social media, click click click, rather than thinking about the globalist cabals narrative protection on twitter, and the title of my own post. I even tagged it #Ivor, but the title gave it away.

I appealed on the basis that it was true not misinformation and asked for details of the parts that were misinformation which I said I would delete.

I was not familiar with the exact twitter terms, or bans or appeal, as I reasoned it would not make much difference and I could be bothered researching. I knew I was near a ban, but did not recall that I had had so many bans, nor the exact number of bans you were allowed.

Having now read the rules I would have stood more chance appealing on grounds of “public debate” etc which are not violations, rather than truth, which is not a defence. Similarly I should have known that having had a weeks ban that the next and 5th ban was final.

However as they have sent the information I reproduce it here, so people can read them easily.

Twitter Rules [6]

Twitter medical “misinformation” [5]

I was pretty certain that the ban would be permanent, as I thought not only was the tweet against the globalist false narrative but the whole thread was. Not only that but the tweet was linked to my article. So it would not take a sad twitter community guideline paid flunkey very long to ascertain that I was a threat to their globalist lies.

However I was surprised at the speed. The last appeal took a week for them to reply. This one about 4 hours. No recourse to even a reply. So next step would be lawyers letters, costly and likely a waste of time.

So I am in no rush to get back onto twitter. I do prefer in depth researched blogging anyway but realised also that my twitter threads woke more people up than my in depth researched blogs. Out of necessity in these fast moving times, I will make the blogs shorter, this also fits in with my varying health.

I used twitter as a way to draw attention to my posts and twitter was often the largest sinle source of many of my views for the blogs. Twitter also became important as it is a front line of the information war. Threads were effective in that. However I have been forced away from that particular front, so its time for reassessment and regrouping.

Just before the US election when the twitter purges and bans came, everyone rushed to Parler which the cabal then effectively banned by proxy through app stores and tech companies services. Learning from that I have already diversified and am on several platforms, some better than others.

The most important of these for me are

FoxyFox Substack Blog, email list which is likely more free speech and robust than my wordpress which may suffer from being withdrawn but I have been very happy at wordpress. The wordpress has better features eg gallery for photos and so wordpress gets fuller blogs.

Gab I have 1000 followers, again free speech and independent of attacks like they did to Parler, as it has already been through that so it should be robust. I would recommend everyone has Gab and slowly builds it up. It doesnt have the most features but the great advantage is that it is independent of the cabal. I will be posting more on Gab.

Telegram is brilliant for many purposes but again Deep State, owned by WEF Young Global Leader, so it will not be private and also liable to go down whenever convenient to the globalist cabal. However for now a useful platform and I have several channels.

Telegram Foxy Wolf
Chat Group
Covid Channel
Ukraine Operation
Mockingbird Media
End Child Abuse
MindControl, MKUltra, TI

So to contact me then message on Gab or Telegram or email.


I dont know exactly how well my twitter threads will survive but if you want to check they are here…

There is talk of a cyber attack, indeed the cabal have already had their “practise” so it may be wise to try Linux which could be more robust to attack. I suggest uploading on an old computer to try. It is easy when you know how, its just sifting through to find how… this is one help site

If you want to help stop the cabal we need to use alternatives to google/youtube. Using them will be a weakness, as well as helps fund them, some alternatives are bitchute, odysee Brand New Tube etc

Duck Duck go has been goign downhill for some time and now is choosing certain search results so an alternative is decentralised Presearch

There will be tough times ahead. Start diversifying on social media, its much easier to do it now, than when the crunch happens Create alternatives.

Watch out for other globalist psyops as well – race, climate change, covid, cyber attack, war, economic collapse, more serious diease etc …

ya basta

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