Children's Crusade HOAXER, Pedophilia, Timothy Charles Holmseth is a Con Artist & Pedophile

Pure Comic Gold! The Level of Delusion on Display Here is Astonishing | FIELD MCCONNELL W/ TIMOTHY HOLMSETH AFTER PRE TRIAL HEARING KIRK PENDERGRASS AT 00:30:30 AUG 8 2019

These videos are freaking hysterical. I can’t even believe that people like this exist on earth. This Truth Punisher bitch is beyond bonkers. Yikes!

This woman comes off as literally one of the most uselessly naive and dangerously delusional Timothy Holmseth groupies I’ve ever seen and was almost as surreal as the following clip of McConnell, Pendergrass and Holmseth back when they hadn’t fucked each other over yet.



He had gotten out of jail after serving his sentence on the 1st case. At the time of this video, he was gearing up for his 2nd criminal case. In the video, he had just attended a pretrial hearing with Kirk. This is the case he eventually failed to show up for (pursuant to Randi’s advice). Kim offered him no jail time for a guilty plea prior to the trial. Instead of accepting that once in a lifetime offer, he thought it would be funner and more lucrative to not show up for his case, get a bench warrant, and then be able to claim he was running away from Deep State who was trying to murder him. Rest assured, Kim wouldn’t murder that guy if he was the last guy on earth. She even offered to buy him lunch and sit down with him and answer any questions he had, if he’d just close out his criminal cases, live his life, and stop harassing/ defaming her. He refused all offers. He would clearly rather pretend to be on the run from deep state because that just sounds better to him. Being normal, living your life, and having a real job just isn’t as racy, I guess. Chad Cater can verify this as he was Tims power of attorney and has got the letter from the prosecutor offering no Jail time.

Glow_Free on Bitchute(Glow on YouTube) has quite the collection of videos showcasing the most insane and entertaining videos put out by the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force/Childrens Crusade con-artists. Holmseth’s blog at is always good for a serious laugh in you’re in a bad mood.


The above video was back during the Honeymoon period for Field and Holmseth and before CirstenW and Holmseth decided to frame McConnell for a crime he did not commit in order to seize control of his money and run off with it. I’m not trying to defend Field McConnell here. He’s an admitted pedophile and Pentagon Pedophile Task Force con-artist, but I’m just giving an accurate assessment of what’s alleged to have gone on here.

The overall level of combined delusion emanating from these three super clown pedophile con-artists(Kurt Pendergrass, Field McConnell and Timothy Charles Holmseth) is so extreme and so heavy-handed and so unapologetically audacious in its execution and level of commitment that I don’t think I’ve ever been more fascinated by anything in my life and can honestly say it might be some of the most shocking behavior I’ve ever seen from other human beings. I’m not even kidding. The level of self-grandiosity put on display by these live action role-playing sociopaths is beyond surreal and should be studied for the useful clinical insight it might give into the world of psychiatry. Listening to their phantasmagoric ramblings about this supposedly super secret task force out of the Pentagon(The Pentagon Pedophile Task Force) that they claim they are the leaders of under the direct supervision of BOTH President Trump and JFK Jr. is as astonishing as it is comical and I almost cannot even believe that these individuals actually exist in tangible reality.

I’m not sure what they thought would end up happening in the end once most started quickly realizing that these guys were full of complete shit, but I put a hefty amount of blame on their idiotic retard followers who kept egging them on and allowing this charade to rage on for as long as it did by naively hanging onto every batshit crazy word that came out of the mouths of these dummies representing the fraudulent operation known as “The Childrens Crusade”. It looks like this whole time Holmseth was simply lining up McConnell to eventually be put into a position where he could rob him blind and that’s exactly what he did after McConnell foolishly entrusted Timothy with $500k from some charity fund. Funds that were supposed to be used for McConnell’s legal defense but Timothy has instead decided to stall his wife by claiming he’s hired attorneys to look into his real estate fraud case when it’s obvious that Holmseth is out on the run with the money while also a criminal fugitive from a missed court appearance.

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