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Ben says that he’s going to be uploading the last 10 videos that he has already recorded and then will be wrapping up the channel soon after. Not the best news considering how much I like and depend on these videos for insights that one simply cannot get elsewhere. It should be noted that he’s actually said this before, numerous times actually, that he would ending the channel and wouldn’t be uploading anymore new content. This time around however I tend to believe him a bit more than the other times.

I really hope that the only reason he’s throwing in the towel is because he senses that we are approaching the end of this Saturn Cube Matrix saga and some epic and cataclysmic event is about to go down that will release us last few humans left here on earth(Experimental Avatar Reality Training Habitat ) from the shackles of the Demiurge.

He says there are only 9 of us actual humans left here on earth at this point and that if you were currently watching his latest video then you were most definitely one of these last handful of humans with an actual soul left. That might be the most uplifting thing I’ve heard in a while. I guess with all the poor choices I’ve made in my life up to this point, I’m making up for it by not allowing for my soul to be imprisoned in the Matrix any longer once this current version of the reality simulation is shut down and it’s souls moved over into a new Cube.

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TUMBNAIL PIC BELOW IS LILITHS TWITTER TWEET . SHE CLAIMS WE WILL MEET HER AND TRUMP AFTER THIS IS OVER IN NEW BODIES IN HEAVEN , she is a liar because trump is #satan and stacy is #lilith they are banned from heaven and trapped in hell !!!!!!!!! that means if you die and you meet stacy and trump that means your in helll trump is the devil you dont meet him in heaven you meet him in hell



this channel is done I am ending it so I am uploading 10 videos I have premade then it is over , there are 10 humans left if you are one watching I thank you and will see you in heaven , there are 8 billion clones 5 millions hybrids alien star seeds aka rats-seeds aliens in human bodies these 5 million hybrids were sent into this matrix to kill the last 10 human angels left , when we leave satan will kill his 8 billion clones and kill off his own 5 million alien hybrids children and send them to hell , only GOD CAN CREATE A SOUL only real humans with souls can go to heaven , so tataria is hell star seeds indigo crystal rainbow star seeds are satans alien hybrids children they are ascending aka ass-ending going to tataria aka #hell with jesus and virgin marry aka satan and lilith , the rapture ascension is fake it is just satan and lilith sending thier owl alien hybrid children to hell posing as gods taking them to heaven , since their is only 10 humans left with souls and only we can go to heaven satan has sent his army in to try and stop the last 10 humans making it out of here and us going to heaven , satan and lilith are banned from heaven for eternity and can only go into lower hell realms and want to trap their own star seed children in hell with them
we the last 10 humans go to heaven , satan and his 5 million hybrids he will be taking to the beast system metaverse during the rapture will be going to hell his 8 billion clones will die and the aliens will harvest their bodies as food satan lilith and thier children do not have soles and can not go to heaven without a soul , only gods last 10 children with souls can go to heaven and thier jealous and trying to stop us from leaving hell and going to heaven ,,,,, when lilith married satan her job was to collect souls for satan and to stop gods children from leaving this hell matrix and going back to heaven , satan created 8 billion clones a clone army to attack the last 10 of gods children and stop them from going home satan also has 5 million alien hybrid children here he created army of children he sent here to stop gods last 10 children from going back home to heaven , satan and his technology his war technology were created to stop gods last 10 children humans with souls to stop of from leaving this matrix and going back home to heaven , there are 8.5 billion of satans people his army sent in to attack only 10 humans gods children with souls , 8.5 billion aliens vs 10 humans , thats how weak satan and his people are thats how poerful god and his 10 children are it requires 8.5 billion of satans to battle 10 of gods children , only the last 10 huamns with souls can create we project this matrix for satan they feed off us our loosh soul energy , when we leave satan 8.5 billion children will starve with gods 10 children to feed off of , once we leave their matrix will collapse !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THATS HOW WEAK SATAN AND LILITH ARE IT REQUIRES 8.5 BILLION PLUS PEOPLE TO BATTLE 10 OF GODS CHILDREN THEY ARE SCARED OF US THEY ARE SCARED OF US LEAVING AND NOT BEING ABLE TO FEED OFF US AND STARVING TO DEATH . THEY ARE AFRAID OF US LAST 10 HUAMNS LEAVING AND THIER HELL MATRIX WICH IS LILITH AND LUCIFERS MATRIX WHEN THE LAST 10 HUMANS LEAVE THIER EVIL HEAVEN WILL COLLAPASE , THEY NEED THE LAST 10 HUMANS THEY CAN NOT SIRVIVE WITHOUT US . the whole point of satans matrix the fallen angels army was to trap gods children here in this earth matrix , satan and lilith soul purpose is to feed off of gods children they serve no other purpose , satan and lilith are so scared of gods last 10 children leaving because when we do his alien children will die and starve without us to feed off of , his tech all his planets and his alien children his fallen angel army will collapse crumble and be destroyed when he does not have us gods children to feed off us

Part 3


queen ianna snow is lilith the sno queen the ice queen, gonna make a new channel . will upload last few videos already made ,,, #THEcellPHONES people carry are their handlers , the waxxine turns people into walking antennas the cell phones are the transmitters the zombies cell phone zombies waxxine zombies take their orders from their cell phones THE CELL PHONES SEND THE COMMANDS TO THEIR BRAINS , THE-HIVE-MIND ARE UNDER CONTROL OF THEIR CELL PHONES , WAXXINATED humans are robots under control of their cell phones they do what ever their cell phones tell them to do AND SINCE SATAN AND LILITH CONTROL THE CELL PHONE 5G TOWERS THEY CONTROL THE CELL PHONES THUS THEY CONTROL THE HIVE MIND THOUGH cell phones and waxiness
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