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The Ukrainian Matter: The Tokar Jews | Corruption in Ukraine and external governance | LILITH CONTROLLS ALL THE CUBE NOW+UKRAIN-CUBE, SHES RELEASING THE STORM

Regarding the Ukraine invasion, real or fake? I lean towards fake, knowing it could be distraction and misdirection with a hundred ulterior motives. But how can I know? I am in Colorado and I do not believe in news.

The Ukrainian Matter – Piece of Mindful

How should one go about best describing what kind of a country the Ukraine really is? I’ll give it a shot. Ukraine is a proxy territory for the Zionist State of Israel and is one of the most politically corrupt countries on earth. Sloppily corrupt actually. Everyone in that joke of government body has been bought and paid for long ago and the country is run totally by outsiders and used as home base for all sorts of nefarious operations.

SEE: Corruption in Ukraine and external governance

Aside from the frequent full blown brawls that have been known to break out during legislative sessions, Ukraine is also known to be one of the primary global hubs for human and drug trafficking operations and their politicians are known to be some of the most corrupt and unethical statesmen in all of Geopolitics. Their President was literally a gay porn star(ok, that might be a bit of stretch, but still) and was plucked out of the show business comedy circuit to act as a puppet President for the NWO. It would be like if Sasha Baron Cohen became the President of the United States. Though I’m sure even Borat is less of scumbag than pedo Joe and would probably do a much better job.

The main point here is that Ukraine is a joke of a country and not an innocent victim caught in the crosshairs of the big bad bully known as Vladamir Putin. This entire “war” is nothing but an elaborate theatrical production put on by our despicable Globalist-led mainstream media apparatus in a hasty and despicable attempt to vilify Putin as a Genocidal maniac in order to garner sympathy from the public by accusing him of the very crimes they are in fact guilty of themselves.

SEE: More staged footage of Russian troops under attack by Ukrainian forces

They did the exact same thing to Trump after Biden had his famous quid pro quo gaffe where he bragged about having demanded the termination of a Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating Hunter Biden at the time by threatening to withhold several BILLION in aide that had been promised to the Ukrainian government. So what did they do? They tried accusing Trump of doing the exact same thing even after the transcript of his call with Zelinksky was released and ended up revealing that nothing of the sort took place.

This clown show that the lamestream media has dubbed “the Russian invasion of Ukraine” is just a cover for what is clearly just more of the same Illuminati infighting that we first saw pop-off when Trump began going after his Phoenix Order rivals within his own Tribe of Dan and its ancient Serpent Seed bloodline(Hanx, Madonna, Celine Dion, Joe & Hunter Biden, Hillary) right after securing the Presidency and beating Hildog. There was a reason so many celebrities and politicians began to literally lose their minds(partially from Adrenochrome withdrawl too) and proceeded to go on unhinged and often violent rants about Trump and were so keen on trying to get him removed from office by ANY means neccessary.

The Ukraine is surely filled with all sorts of sketchy facilities and clandestine intelligence operations that have been setup and run by the Globalist arm of the Illuminati and that are now being targeted for destruction by their enemies. I’m hesitant to run with the recently deployed “Ukranian Biolab” narrative that’s been put out by Golden Dawn operatives like Tulsi Gabbard and Tucker Carlson. But there is likely some semblance of truth mixed in there with its usual side order of deception in order to sufficiently muddy the waters and provide us with very confusing half-truths.

It appears that certain contingencies of the Golden Dawn, lead by Putin this time around, have decided to use the guise of a Russian invasion to go in and destroy these sites and round up certain key individuals in the Phoenix Order as a way of consolidating power. That’s my take at least. It’s nothing but a power grab. Who knows what kinds of bizzare artifacts and technologies these EL-ites will fight with each other over. The word on the street is that the invasion of Iraq in 2003 was all in order to seize the life rejuvenation technology that was purported to have been found in the tomb of Gilgamesh and was being housed in a museum in Baghdad. Hillary Clinton even tried to gain access to it.

SEE: Update on the Gilgamesh/Clinton Story | Operation Iraqi Freedom Happened LITERALLY Immediately After Announcement of Finding Tomb of Gilgamesh

YBD recently speculated that a version of the Saturn Cube is actually buried somewhere in the Ukraine(one of several copies that are buried around the globe) and that could be what they are in fact fighting over at the moment.


the ukrain contains one of the cubes buried under it the ukrain war is a distraction lilith getting control of the cube mother ship buried under it , 1:20 pm 2022-march11 I FELT THE CUBES ACTIVATE THE STORM IS HERE


I’ve also heard musings about the Chernobyl disaster area actually being some kind of portal and is also tied to the Wormwood Prophecy somehow. So who really knows what they are actually fighting over this time around.

Betrayal is the rule of the law within these Occult sects and these secret societies of ancient Serpent Seed Blue Bloodlines. There is no rest for the wicked. This is the Beast destroying the Harlot.



VIDEO: More on Russia’s Role in the Global Agenda

VIDEO: More on the Phoenix Order vs Golden Dawn Conflict



The Ukrainian matter

Yesterday, as I read the discussion going on in Stephers’ post regarding the reality or falseness of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, I was reminded that my name, Tokarski, originates in Ukraine, and is Ashkenazim Jewish. I am neither Ukrainian nor Jewish, but the name “Tokarski” is in the Jewish registry of surnames. The last I knew of my ancestors was a letter that circulated among us saying that my paternal grandfather’s family lived in Austria, “down the hill from Switzerland.” Legend has it that the surname Tokar, taken from the Tokar region of Ukraine (which I could not locate) spawned emigrants to the United States, many of whom landed in Pennsylvania, mining coal I imagine.

Indeed my grandfather immigrated to Pennsylvania, but not from Ukraine. The story is that while in school he had a particularly strict and unpleasant teacher. The boys in his class managed to subdue him and lock him in a closet. I would make him to be a young teen at that time. It was not shits and giggles. The authorities took the rebellion seriously, and enlisted police and military to hunt down the boys, who would be drafted. There was a war going on at that time (late 1800s, perhaps Franco-Prussian, a predecessor to WWI). My great grandmother stowed grandpa on the back of a potato truck, and he made his way to France, and then to Ellis Island, and only then to Pennsylvania. I assume he worked the coal mines, because he ended up in Great Falls, Montana. The “Great Falls” of the Missouri River, over which Lewis and Clark and their men (33 total) had to portage with massive outriggers, were by that time underwater, as the Anaconda Copper Company had a reduction/smelting operation there. They needed the electricity generated by the powerful movement of current, so no more waterfall.

Anyway, my mother under different circumstances was forced to move with her parents and six sisters to Ekalaka, Montana. Their family home in Wisconsin had burned down. Grandpa and Grandma loaded the girls on the train, and when Grandma got off the train in August of 1927 or so, Eastern Montana being dry country, she looked around and said “This is IT?” The nine of them moved into a three-room shack, outdoor privy, where my great uncle Mike lived and farmed. Mom told me that Mike was a very angry man in those days, but on reflection said “I don’t blame him. Pa did not  tell him he was bringing his whole family.)

Anyway, they eventually moved out of Mike’s home and into a bigger one in Baker, Montana, where they farmed until the girls came of age and began to marry and scatter. Mom decided to attend Normal School in Billings, Montana (now Montana State University, Billings), and in Billings she met my Dad, and that’s how I got here. End of story.

By the way, I learned yesterday that Tokarski is merely the Polish version of Tokar, and that makes some sense, them living in Austria and my Grandmother, whom I never knew, being an illiterate German speaking person. I know, Poland and Austria are different places, languages, cultures, but the thing is that we only know of our family background by handed-down word-of-mouth. Genealogy does not work for most of us, as we are neither landed gentry nor aristocrats.

I notice everyone in my background prior to my parents were farmers. Mom and Dad grew up on farms. I would add “dirt-poor” to that.  Because all their history would wash away with time, in 1998 I took time to interview my parents, to get their story down for posterity. I eventually transcribed the interviews, an ardulous task, and distributed transcripts to all my immediate living relatives, aunts, uncles and cousins. Maybe two or three actually sat down and read them. So it goes. (My older brother’s reaction on listening to the recordings: “My God, the poverty.”)

Regarding the Ukraine invasion, real or fake? I lean towards fake, knowing it could be distraction and misdirection with a hundred ulterior motives. But how can I know? I am in Colorado and I do not believe in news.

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