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P Diddy Exposed Gay Black Gatekeeper | Biggie Smalls is Bobby Shmurda, Mase is Lil Yachty & Lil Kim is a Doja Cat.

Channel definitely worth checking out: Calculated Confusion: Exposed

Time to seriously slander and further expose another one of my childhood idols for being a Panmutated homo and probably a Robotoid(they scrubbed the famous Saturn King Jesus video “Land of the Robotoids“). It’s pretty embarrassing to realize you were raised by a popular culture that was owned and operated by these fruity little Bapho-faggots. I used to think Bad Boy Records was so cool as little kid….SMH. Puffy is a twinkled-toed pedo, Mase is actually Lil Yachty, Lil Kim is an ancient Doja Cat entity and Biggie ain’t dead at all(neither is 2pac) and is probably Bobby Shmurda! 🤣😂 I never thought the world could possibly reveal itself to be this lame.

You could watch these Saturn King Jesus videos on this subject forever. After binge watching that channel years ago its still a bit soul crushing to have to admit that Christianity is just a Masonic ruse, but the truth will set you free…I guess. Don’t let it cause you to forsake God though just because Jesus probably ain’t him. They’re rebelling against and trying to mimic someone right?

That foreign documentary they did on Biggie and Tupac is looking pretty lame right about now.

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