‘River Troll’ Humanoid Observed & Photographed in Coastal Mississippi (PHOTO)

You know we are living in some fucked-up times when I consider a post about about a sighting of an evil river troll in Mississippi to be fun and light and uplifting when matched-up against the never ending despicable clown show that is the pulse of the lamestream news media. A daily news feed that consists of increasingly laughable and obviously contrived propaganda puff pieces and reactionary damage controlling narratives that are regurgitated from the bowels of a parasitic hivemind entity that seems to have most of the Zombified public eating out of their claws for reasons that I’ll never understand. I was subjected to the same public school systems, endured the same barrage of mind-altering frequency attacks and have been blanketed with the same malicious nano-tech that everyone else has been and you don’t see me draping filthy rags over my mouth or allowing a stranger to inject me with mystery substances to protect me from boogymen, or throwing myself and my personal liberties at the feet of a bunch of Reptoid parasitic politicians like most of the sheeple have.

This little guy has an outwardly appearance that accurately reflects the gnarly and grotesque disposition of the controlling EL-ite.


‘River Troll’ Humanoid Observed & Photographed in Coastal Mississippi (PHOTO)

A coastal Mississippi resident believes that they encountered a ‘river troll’ while on their houseboat. They took a photo, and described what they witnessed. What is this creature?

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

“About 6 years ago (2015) my family lived on our houseboat on the river in a small town in coastal Mississippi. We were on the deck one evening, looking across the river. The tide was low and you could see well into the woods. Maybe 25 yards from us, something bent down near the water drinking. I went and retrieved my binoculars and took a closer look.

It was pinkish tan with bulging eyes, funny looking ears, 2 arms and 2 legs, and what appeared to be horns coming out of it head. It had a short round body drinking from the shore. From what I saw, I would swear it was like a troll. It was devil ugly. I took my phone out and took a picture. To this day, anyone I show it to swears its a river troll.

Now, living on a houseboat, you see a lot of creepy stuff in the swamp. Also, there would always be trees or logs laying across the ditches of our 1000 foot driveway in the middle of the swamp, as if something put them there to cross the deep parts. You couldn’t walk up or down with out that eerie feeling of being watched. And it wasn’t just me. Anyone who came out our way felt it. You would also hear what sounded like monkeys.

One time, something threw a rock and hit my friend. I still own that property and the houseboats, but none of my grown kids will even go out there anymore. I don’t show the picture to other people anymore. I don’t have to prove anything, but I’m sharing with you.

I feel as if maybe I am the lucky one to have been in contact with several creatures in this world. And some twice. Yes, its blurry and, yeah, its hard to make out, but you can clearly see its reflection in the water as its drinking.” B

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