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WANT TO GET REALLY REALLY MAD? WATCH THIS VAXHOLE EXTRAVAGANZA: “Kyrie Irving vs The NBA media mob feat. Stephen A Smith, Andrew Wiggins”

This is one of the most infuriating things I’ve ever watched in my life. These ESPN on-air personalities might be the most vulgar and despicable group of Vaxholes that I’ve ever seen. I can’t even believe this is actually real life and where we are at as a society right now. Thank goodness I had stopped watching any kind of television programming a solid 2 years ago. I even returned my cable box and canceled the digital cable subscription portion of my Comcast bill and now just have internet. This outrageous compilation is exactly why you do not let your children watch television and why no adult should ever look up to any of these fuckheads. Just a bunch of screaming retards.

On a side note: Jamele Hill might the lowest functioning adult that’s ever been allowed to appear on television and I want to know who at ESPN thought it would be a good idea to allow her to work there as a Sports Writer?

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