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‘Incompetence or corruption’: Sen. Ron Johnson on Secret Service missing Hunter Biden emails | Don’t Forget That the Feds Also Covered-up the Contents of the Anthony Weiner Laptop & Even Murdered 9 Cops to Keep the Story Under Wraps.

I don’t expect Ron Johnson to do anything about it, but he’s right in that the F.B.I. is more of a criminal gang that serves as the clean-up crew and enforcement mechanism of the Globalist arm of the world EL-ites than it is a valid crime fighting agency that’s looking out for the best interests of the American people. Whether it’s the Gretchen Whitmer hoax job, their role in helping to get Biden fraudulently elected as President, the Jan. 6 Capitol building insurrection hoax job or the covering up of both the Hunter Biden AND Anthony Weiner laptop scandals(CITATIONS BELOW), suppressing the shocking and now infamous “FrazzledRIP” footage, these clowns have been committing henious crimes and enabling the malfeasance of countless diabolical American politicians ever since their inception back in the days when the closet homo and overall chode weiner friendless loser known as J. Edgar Hoover ran the place and set the despicable and corrupt precedent.

What Really Happened in DC on January 6 2021? You Decide With Your Own Eyes

The pieces of shit who run the Federal Bureau of Investigation not only let Hunter Biden get away with what was an audacious level of corruption in his serial solicitation of bribes from foreign dignitaries and corporations in exchange for access to his very powerful father, but they also turned a blind eye to his brazen criminal lifestyle as they proceeded to despicably cover up as much of the evidence as they could upon their realization that this “laptop from hell” was out there and sitting on a table at some computer repair shop.

As bad as this act is malfeasance and level of corruption was by the Feds, covering for Hunter Biden is NOTH…..ING when compared to what they did after the NYPD found and viewed a particular piece of footage that was on the Anthony Weiner laptop. The Feds made sure that this sickening piece of multimedia that allegedly showed the Hillarion Robotoid and her giant Iranian Skeksis right hand woman, secret lover and Muslim Brotherhood associate Huma Abedin torturing and eating a little girl, never saw the light of day and someone(maybe the F.B.I., maybe some other clandestine agency that Hillary was able to summon) decided that the police officers who had seen the tape needed to be systematically murdered in order to keep the story under wraps.

FBI Agent Who Found Hillary’s Emails on Anthony Weiner’s Laptop: I Was Threatened With Prosecution and Told to Cover It Up

Dozens of NY police officers & FBI team who saw Hillary Clinton’s dark web snuff films were murdered (VIDEO)


Frazzledrip uncovered in the Halls of US Congress: Hillary Clinton | Weiner | Abedin – Google CEO Sundar Pichai Testimony December 2018 (VIDEO)

Supposedly there is a clip that was aired live during the Weiner investigation that depicts several of the police officers walking away from a podium in disgust during or after a press conference after it became apparent to them that the F.B.I. was not planning on holding either Huma or Hillary accountable and would be looking to sweep the whole thing under the rug.

I mean, Obama was President at the time so of course they were ordered to keep that shit under wraps. If anyone can find or has this clip, please send it to me. It’s impossible to search for for obvious reasons.

The fact that 9 out of the 12 people(law enforcement officers mind you) who saw the footage ended up in the immediate aftermath, might be one of the most sensational stories of the modern era to be mostly successfully covered up and kept out of the purview of the public record.

I’m still a bit unsure how they have been able to so successfully quash that story from gaining any additional traction. Even without the tape itself, the circumstantial evidence alone is about as damming as it gets. Especially when you take into account just how extensive the Clinton murder list(AND BELOW) is by now. She is certainly capable of ordering the cold blooded murder of a bunch of pigs. Actually, at one point in the Clinton Murders Documentary one of the secret service agents attests to her disdain for American law enforcement.

That bitch has killed a lot of people. Both innocent and also some not so innocent co-conspirators during the span of her criminal political career. I would have said that Bill Clinton must have been behind some of those murders, but I now believe that Bill was nothing but a mind-controlled sock puppet during his 2 terms as President and Hildog was the one calling all the shots and is one of the most powerful people in all of Washington and always has been.

The Clinton Murders (DOCUMENTARY) – Bitchute Link

DEEPEST-DARK-(2021) — Documentary | ODYSEE


One of the more recent Clinton murders: https://adrenogate.net/wp/2021/06/14/breaking-reporter-who-broke-clinton-lynch-tarmac-story-found-dead-in-his-apartment/

Frazzledrip video Hillary Clinton and Huma Aibdensteverotter.com › frazzledrip-videoFrazzledrip video by Hillary Clinton and huma aibden found on Anthony Weiner‘s laptop. … The NYPD discovered the frazzledrip video on Anthony Weiner’s laptop … The murder …happened just after she was to go public w:th her story of sexual harassment in the White House. Read more

9 out of 12 officers killed that viewed Anthony Weiners laptop – YouTubem.youtube.com › watch?v=aZuqJ71m05c00:03HD9 out of 12 #officers #killed that viewed Anthony #Weiners #laptop.

9 Out Of 12 People Who Saw Anthony Weiner‘s Laptop Are Dead, page 1 | Forumabovetopsecret.com › forumThe murder …happened just after she was to go public w:th her story of sexual harassment in … Bulk of Weinerlaptop emails were never examined. … These were the police that threatened to just leak the contents of the laptop if the FBI didn’t do anything about it. Of the 9 dead, one… Read more

FBI Agent Who Found Hillary’s Emails on Anthony Weiner’s Laptop: I Was Threatened With Prosecution and Told to Cover It Uphumansbefree.com › weiners-laptop-iWeiner is the disgraced husband of Clinton aide Huma Abedin. Robertson alleges that the manner in which his … “Robertson unearthed tens of thousands of Clinton emails in late September 2016 on the laptop belonging to Weiner, the husband of top Clinton aide Huma Abedin, in a sex… Read more

Source: https://justthenews.com/government/congress/incompetence-or-corruption-sen-ron-johnson-secret-service-missing-hunter-biden?

‘Incompetence or corruption’: Sen. Ron Johnson on Secret Service missing Hunter Biden emails

 — 17.03.2022 02:35 Just The News – Not The Noise

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., says the Secret Service is “completely arrogant” and is either incompetent or corrupt after the agency claimed it did not have several years of emails on Hunter Biden’s travels, despite the fact that his laptop showed otherwise.

Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, and Johnson have spent years attempting to obtain records of communications between President Joe Biden’s son and the Secret Service.

While the law enforcement agency said it did not have communications from 2010, 2011, or 2013, Just the News found that Hunter Biden’s laptop, which is now in FBI custody, contained about five dozen emails between him and the Secret Service.

“We’ve been after these travel records for years,” Johnson told “Just the News – Not Noise” on Wednesday. 

“Here’s what they did provide us. This is what it looks like,” Johnson said as he held up two pages almost entirely with black redactions to show Just the News Editor-in-Chief John Solomon and co-host Amanda Head.

He said the Secret Service provided him and Grassley with more than 250 redacted pages after they requested information on Hunter Biden’s travel records.

“Hunter Biden has [a record of communications]. Why didn’t the Secret Service retain it?” Johnson asked. 

“So I can only come to two conclusions; I can make two assumptions. Either it’s complete incompetence, or corruption. Take your pick. Either way, there’s not a good explanation,” he said.

Johnson has been pressing the Secret Service for transparency for years. More recently, he asked the department’s director last month why agents did not find a pipe bomb reportedly placed outside the Democratic National Committee during a sweep of the area before then-Vice President-elect Kamala Harris arrived there on Jan. 6, 2021.

“I’m getting sick and tired of these agencies in the deep state. And I’ll call it the deep state, because they refuse to provide the American public the information, the truth that the American public deserves,” Johnson told “Just the News – Not Noise.”

“I’m an elected representative of the American people. [The Secret Service] should be complying with legitimate congressional oversight, which is what this is, and yet they just thumb their nose at us. They’re completely arrogant. It’s unacceptable,” the Wisconsin Republican said. 

Even under President Donald Trump, Republicans in Congress were unable to obtain information from government agencies, Johnson said.

“We couldn’t get [the truth] out of the deep state, largely because the deep state is primarily populated with leftists,” Johnson said.

He is optimistic that stories such as the one Just the News published about Hunter Biden’s laptop will increase Americans’ awareness and encourage citizens to be more active.

“Hopefully [with] disclosures like this… the American public will start getting outraged and put pressure on the administration,” he said.

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