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Think I’ve had about enough of the Vaxhole Community on Social Media? LOL. 🤣😂 …

Think I’ve had about enough of these people? LOL. 🤣😂

I’ve been wiling the fuck out harder than ever before and I really just do not care about how I might come across any longer. I’ve tried to be reserved and calm about this. At least for hot second right at the beginning I was. I started off with a much more restrained and placid demeanor and I took the time to dutifully archive and give my own often bombastic but honest commentary on all the pertinent pieces of available evidence that I would come across, both scientifically documented and anecdotal in nature. Evidence that irrefutably revealed without a shadow of a doubt that this vaccine was designed as an instrument of destruction and was created to further the diabolical transhumanist agenda of the controlling world EL-ite.

Anyone who is still inexplicably supporting these ongoing vaccinations in any way whatsoever either has the IQ of a goldfish, has been completely brainwashed and/or hypnotized, or is in on the sham after having agreed to sell out their own species in exchange for a few shekels and a bit of acceptance from their peers. All three classifications of sheeple are equally useless and off-putting and lucky for us, they will all soon be either dead as a doornail or forever entrapped in the Metaverse, yearning to die, but death will escape them. Like a bunch of fucking idiot retards. For the ones that make the mistake of coming around my mother fucking way, I’m going to make sure that their last few months or years on this earth are filled with controversy, harassment and relentless bullying.

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