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PARADISE LOST, THE UNDERWORLD, FIRES, TUNNELS AND GHOST CITIES: Full Version | Is XtremeRealityCheck a Gatekeeper? Sketchy Numerology Encoded in Latest Video…

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This is video from XtremeRealityCheck, someone who I’ve followed for a while and never had any suspicions about being a possible Gatekeeper. However I did start to notice some sketchy numerology nods that were incorporated into some of her videos and soon after that, Morgellons Live actually came out and insisted that she was indeed a Gatekeeper. Check out the length of this video:

It doesn’t get much more Satanic than that. The 3:33 was bad enough, but in case there was any doubt, she made sure to cap it off with a nod to #TheGame23, leaving us with a video length of 3:33:23. I would NEVER in a million years let a video with a length like that get published onto my “Christian Truther” Bitchute channel. No way in hell. There is just no way that this can be a coincidence and someone like her is most certainly aware that the time stamps and video lengths of content created by practicing occultists is very important to them and a part of the ongoing Black Magick that they practice.



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