Somebody tell me why my conspiracy theory is wrong… Lorde’s Mom Sonja Yelich is True Author of “Pure Heroine”

LOL. Of course a 15 year old androgynous synthetic Robotoid didn’t write those lyrics. I doubt there is a single pop star in existence who has ever written the lyrics to their own music. They get the melody from the piano man and then they channel Demonic spirits for the lyrics who have already back-checked the content for backwardization and Gematria with the Legion Spirit hivemind. Most of those musicians are undead Demonic entities that have been jumping from meat suit to meat suit for thousands of years.

Lorde’s mommy seems like a morbid bitch from what I can tell, but certainly artistic though and easily capable of writing those lyrics based on the laundry list of credentials she has as a bona-fide poet. I wouldn’t even call this a conspiracy theory but rather just some basic deductive reasoning and very conservative speculation. Lordie clearly asked mommy for a bit of help when trying to become a famous music star. No 15 year old kid is writing that shit. How disgusting is it that Sonja Yelich would exploit her mother’s deathbed to admonish her for having been a smoker by filming this artsy New Zealand P.S.A. of sorts with an ultra creepy backdrop of tranny tap dancing to an uncomfortable piano tune.

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Somebody tell me why my conspiracy theory is wrong.

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I’m a lyrics guy. Lyrics are important to me.

When Pure Heroine came out, I thought: wow. Could a fifteen year old really write this? It looks back on the high school experience with the maturity of someone who’s been out in the world for at least a decade. And it uses conceits more typical of professional poets than high school kids. It’s really, really good.

But I figured, well, geniuses exist. Shakespeare probably wrote Shakespeare’s plays. So I made a note to excitedly listen to anything she wrote in the future.

But none of that kind of writing is evident in her later work. It seems impossible that the same person who wrote Team wrote Solar Power. It seems impossible that the same person who wrote Buzzcut Season wrote Stoned at the Nail Salon. It doesn’t feel like the same voice – at all. The poetry, the conceits, the insights – they’re all replaced by bog-standard “industry cool and sexy” lyrics. They’re much closer to Maroon 5 songs than to the Lorde songs that preceded them.

So immediately, I thought – well, she changed producers and Joel Little is credited on every song; is it possible that Joel Little was once her primary lyricist? So I went and listened to about twenty songs where Joel Little was credited as a co-writer, and – no. It’s not possible. Joel Little is a talented producer but clearly a crappy lyricist.

Now my head is coming around to: well, is it possible that Sonja Yelich wrote Pure Heroine? She’s an accomplished and exceptionally talented poet. And the perspective of a professional poet watching her teenage daughter go through high school fits the lyrics on that album so much better than a high schooler herself.

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