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Who Plays the Role of Manchurian Joe Biden? Ron Masak? Jim Carey? A Robotoid? A CGI Avatar? Just How Many Different Versions Are There? Hunter too…?

There are several channels that have been doing great work in exposing the scripted nature of our reality and the true nature of the characters cast within it. In turn, I’ve come to the shocking revelation that most of the public figures that have been presented to us over the years were never actually “real” people to begin with. They are simply characters who are playing a role on the world stage(“You’re watching a movie” -Q”) and any number of different stand-in individuals can be used at any given time to assume the role the role of that character by simply throwing on a silicone mask. It really is that simple and that easy.

And don’t think that this is only a recently implemented practice. They’ve been doing this for a long long time. The channel Fake n Famous has done great work in exposing the menagerie of variations and glaring inconsistencies that can be found when examining the facial features and overall physical appearance of so many of our favorite celebrities that have been presented to us over the years. Making it abundantly clear that this has always been their standard operating procedure. Concious X is the other go-to channel on this subject matter. Divine Sade is his girlfriend who has her own channel where she collaborates with X but makes her own videos exposing the practice.

The most obvious example of all has to be Manchurian Joe. How many different versions of this guy do they have? There is one version that appears to be played by Ron Masak, who ironically also plays the Trump character at times.

Trump is a Character Played by Character Actor Ron Masak. Trump IS Ron Masak. Ron’s Daughter IS Trumps Daughter. KEEP IT IN THE FAMILY.

Donald Trump IS Joe Biden, AND Ron Masak AND Elvis Presley


Then there is another version that appears to be played by Jim Carey. The famous gaffe of Biden tripping and falling on the stairs while boarding Air Force One was purported to have been Jim(ok… that was pretty funny bro, but you’re still an Illuminaughty shill and avatar of the Progenitor Lucifer).

Justin Beiber is Jim Carey | All Hollywood Celebrities Are Played By A Small Core Group of Actors, Supplemented w/ Synthetic Tares & Programmable Robotoids When Necessary

Then I believe there is the Robotoid version of Joe that can be identified by the awkward mannerisms you can see in the way it walks. The awkward and rigid movements resemble something that appears to be more mechanical than biological.

So as you can see, they implore a whole range of different techniques and technologies for creating these characters that are used on the deceptive world stage. Sometimes they even use their image maker software to create a completely digital CGI version of the guy as you can see in the video below.

Dr. Fauci is a good example of someone who is almost always depicted in CGI. You can tell by the washed-out appearance of the image.

Like father like son, Hunter Biden also appears to have been played by a cast of different lookalike stand-ins. I guess they didn’t feel like wasting the cash on a Hunter Biden silicone mask after he was summarily executed along with his father for Treason sometime during the Trump administration.

Where’s Hunter, AGAIN? How Many Different Cloned Versions of Hunter Biden do They Expect to Get Away With?

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