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Mushrooms: the (not so) secret medicines pharma doesn’t want you to know about | Magic Mushrooms and Religon | Magic Mushrooms & Christmas? Was Jesus a Psychedelic Figment?

Mushrooms also have a little known-of connection to religion and spirituality in general that is seldom talked about. It’s pretty clear that the ancients were in-touch with and tuned-into forces and extra-dimensions that we have since cut ourselves off from and now foolishly attribute to fantasy and myth. I wonder how much more we’d be able to perceive about the true nature of our world with the help of some red-tinted glasses and a little psychedelic enhancement from eating mushrooms 🍄?

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Source: Originally tweeted by John Constas (@JohnConstas) on March 11, 2022.

Mushrooms: the (not so) secret medicines pharma doesn’t want you to know about

Mushrooms are a marvel of nature

Their medicinal use dates back to 4000 years ago

The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese and Aztecs all describe consuming them for their unique healing properties

Mushrooms aren’t only healing tools

They’ve become a favorite of chefs worldwide for their ability to elevate flavors

From earthy to umami

They are a staple in many kitchens


You might be wondering: “What makes a mushroom medicinal?”

Certain mushrooms have special compounds that enhance your biology in many ways including:


They are powerful superfoods that deserve more attention

Back in the day

Healers tested & observed different healing properties of mushrooms

They were aware of their benefits

& unfortunately, their dangers

But they didn’t understand HOW they worked


Scientific research has brought to light the powers behind these organisms

We’ve isolated & extracted the medicinal compounds to be used in different experiments

The results are impressive

Medicinal mushrooms contain 3 types of healing compounds:


Each has their own benefits to your wellbeing

Beta-glucans are polysaccharides (chains of carbohydrates)

These sugars interact with the microbiome in your gut to modulate

& prime your immune system to protect you from foreign invaders

Triterpenes are fat precursors to steroid hormones

These compounds have anti viral, anti inflammatory and hallucinogenic (psilocybin) properties of mushrooms

Ganoderic acids found in reishi and Betulinic acid in Chaga are the most widely studied


Mushrooms contain sterols (ergosterol)

Which is a precursor to Vitamin D

Research shows that leaving mushrooms out in the sun increased Vitamin D levels due to these sterols

There are quite a few medicinal mushrooms

But I will be discussing the 7 most popular ones

And how each of their superpowers can benefit your health

1-Lions mane

This is the most popular one

And also my favorite

Its cognitive benefits are outstanding

More focus
Enhanced mental clarity

Research shows it supports the growth of the hippocampus

The part of your brain responsible for memory


Also known as the athletes mushroom

It improves your energy and endurance by increasing the efficiency of how your body uses oxygen

It contains cordycepin which is similar to adenosine

Which dilates your blood vessels


Known for heart health benefits

Shiitake can help lower your LDL cholesterol & blood pressure


Known as the mushroom of immortality

Its benefits are numerous:


The Chinese have used it for thousands of years as a healing tonic

5-Turkey tail

This mushroom is renowned for its immunity benefits

It’s loaded with beta d glucans which prime your immune system

Research shows that it can boost Natural Killer cells to fight off cancer cells

And also boost the good bacteria in your microbiome


Chaga is the king of medicinal mushrooms

It only grows on birchwood and is packed with beta-glucans and triterpenes

It has the highest potency of antioxidants and supports digestive health


You may know this one as “magic mushrooms”

It has made a comeback after being listed as an illicit drug due to its hallucinogenic property (psilocybin)

Many considered it too dangerous to study

But it has made many recent breakthroughs

Particularly in psychiatry

Psilocybe was used in many shamanic practices as a healing tool

And to communicate with the gods

It’s psychedelic properties are used recreationally today

But more recently medicinally as well

Psilocybin research is extremely promising

Particularly in depression and addiction

It’s been shown to increase neuronal connections in your brain to allow better communications between your brain cells

A lot more research needs to be done

Consuming this mushroom isn’t for the light-hearted

And should be done under the supervision of a sitter

Especially for novice psychonauts

Trippy Mushroom GIF


You might be wondering: “How the hell do I take medicinal mushrooms?”

I wouldn’t recommend you cook them (except maybe lions mane)

You need to take extracts which are often sold in capsules/tincture/powder forms

You can also take raw or dried mushrooms and boil them in hot water to make teas

Each mushroom will have its own way to be consumed

Supplement form is the simplest & quickest way

Two brands I recommend are Om or Real Mushrooms

They have the fruiting bodies = potent

Thanks for reading!

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Originally tweeted by John Constas (@JohnConstas) on March 11, 2022.

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