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The Censorship on Twitter is Ridiculously Unambiguous. Proof My Handle is Suppressed by the Algo | Twitter Suspends Account of Female Swimmer Athlete that was Voicing her upset against Lia Thomas | “Wreck a sport, get booed…”

Not that there was any doubt to begin with, but here we have even more proof that Twitter is the under the direct control of the Libtard left. They utilize a range of insidious suppression methods to keep the algorithm working against handles like mine and stories like these at all times. They just booted this collegiate swimmer Reka Gyorgy from the platform for speaking out about having her finals spot stolen from her by a castrated sociopath. My words not hers… obviously. 🤭 Why aren’t the Feminists out there sticking up for these women who are being bullied around by a bunch of biological men?

REDDIT: Twitter Suspends Account of Female Swimmer


This tweet below was one of my more popular tweets of the week with 5 “likes”. I wonder how many “likes” it would have tallied if the algorithm hadn’t been interfering and un-doing “likes” as was confirmed to me by a follower. The only reason I still keep my Twitter around is because it acts like a pseudo-comments section for the blog and a lot of my original and most important followers to me are still on Twitter and I don’t want to lose touch with those individuals who’s opinions I value. I’ve been posting most links onto Telegram anyway since Twitter flags ALL Bitchute links and ultimately cannot be trusted to display all the content I put up on my feed to my followers.

Lia Thomas BOOED After Becoming NCAA Champion As Upset …altblacknews.com

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