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Insectoid Creature captured on camera in Mexico | Intersect Insectoids

Looks a tad washed-out to me, but what do I know? Maybe it’s real. The honking of the car horns and the heavy breathing of the individual taking the footage at the very end certainly help the case for legitimacy. But we can’t believe anything we see on video anymore. It’s unfortunate. With the advent of programmable matter it’s possible to create any kind of creature these days. That could be someone’s science experiment. Who knows?

What does this remind you of? Anyone? The Insectoid looking thing we saw at the Utah monolith. Remember that guy? These things also look like the parasitic aliens from the time travel movie “Intersect”. The Insectoids from Intersect. Hmmmm…..Intersect Insectoids. The damn fractal rears it’s uncreative ass again.

Utah monolith Insectesoid (VIDEO)

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