Fake News, False Flag, The Matrix

Reality Has Broken Down – UK – RUS IS THE BIG ONE – QoC

This is a must watch. Matt will crack your head wide open with this one. I think he’s right and that reality has completely broken down, though I think he has underestimated the mainstream media’s ability to fake reality via a “Wag the Dog” type operation. But I do think he’s onto something and like usual, the answer is likely somewhere in the middle. A combination of mind control protocols, matrix “reality” resets and staged False Flag events that happen in real time.

So while this latest catastrophic reality breakdown is not the greatest prospect for the remainder of our lives on EARTH(Experimental Avatar Reality Training Habitat)…lol…it is good news in that this “reality” is only but a brief train stop on a larger journey as conscious beings.

This is the BBC video to send “your friends and family.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHpX6…

Heavy fighting is continuing across much of Ukraine. In one small rural town, Voznesensk, Ukrainian troops, backed by local people, have seen off an attack by the Russian army. When Russian forces arrived in tanks they were trapped in an ambush that turned into a rout. Ben Brown in Lviv presents BBC News at Ten reporting by Andrew Harding in Voznesensk.
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