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A Glimpse into the past (26 Old World Photos) | The “Juggernaut Carts” of Ancient India.

These juggernaut carts from India were especially interesting and I found more examples than expected when doing an image search. I remember Praveen Mohan showing one of these carts and how the wheels on that particular one were also made of stone and how the authorities lie and tell you that it’s all one piece when in fact the wheels are separate and were actually designed to rotate. There are many temples in India that have these moving stones parts.

INDIA – SEPTEMBER 04: Engraving by J Chapman of the Hindu goddess Kali (the Black One) garlanded with skulls and wielding a sword in one of her many arms. Although associated with death and destruction, she is worshipped as the Divine Mother. In the cult of Juggernaut (Jagannath), a form of the Krishna incarnation of Vishnu is worshipped. Snanayatra is the ceremony of washing the idol. (Contrary to common belief, the act of hurling oneself beneath the wheels of the cart bearing the image of the Jagannath, is not part of the ritual.) Illustration from �Encyclopaedia Londinensis, or, Universal Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and Literature� published in London, 1810-1829. (Photo by SSPL/Getty Images)
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