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Everything Begins With the Word | You Are in the Land of the Dead – QUASILUMINOUS

Every word you speak is a magic spell

He’s right about just about everything he says with the exception of probably that menstrual blood mixing with the infinite waters creating the Candycane dualistic vortex shit. Lol. The Saturn Cube does run on blood. But yeah, what a dick. He is telling you the truth though and “spelling it out for the dummies” so to speak with most of what he says. Quasiluminous is probably a fractal avatar of the Progenitor of the Demiurge. Reminds me EXACTLY of the way Quinn Michaels talks when he goes on a rant.

DON’T do that “Blood Over Intent” shit. Seriously. That’s like retard level discernment there.

Here’s another old rant that he’s since taken down about earth being “The Land of the Dead”. Again, probably mostly true. Remember, once you become aware of the fact that our English language is a curse and that our birth certificates are designed to usurp the sovereignty of our souls, then the Magick no longer binds and is rendered ineffective.

You are in the Land of the Dead now…

RUMBLE: https://rumble.com/v15ljtx-you-are-in-the-flat-earth-land-of-the-dead-quasiluminous.html

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