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NDE Commentary MARY – MIND WIPE Admitted & Questioned on Soul Trap | Matrix Reincarnation Soul Trap

One of my favorite channels. He’s definitely right in that you should not take this clown world too seriously. That’s what they want. For you to think that this stupid simulation matters.

Blindly complying with anything, no matter what it is is about the most dangerous thing that anyone could do. Whether it’s within the simulation or outside of it in the Astral Realm, you’re a dummy for giving up your personal sovereignty and blindly complying with anything or with anyone no matter who they claim they are or what implied authority they claim to have.

Hello Friends, I hope you find yourself well. Today we will be going over Mary Hensley’s Near Death Experience. I truly believe this case is a text book example of a spirit being recruited by the matrix marketing department. Mary openly discusses a number of crucial points, but there are a few very revealing moments that really stick out: 1) Her open acknowledgement on how NDE’rs go through the veil of forgetfulness, and 2) A story about how a person had recently asked her (in 2014) about the matrix reincarnation soul trap. It starts off a bit slow but hang in there, you won’t want to miss this one. —- (WAYS TO SUPPORT HELP CHANNEL EFFORTS🙏) ✅ Join Channel Memberships & Get Access To “Last Timers Club” Perks. Levels 2 & 3 Include Monthly Members Live Streams:… Next Members Stream: Sunday, March 27th at 4:00 PM EST. Note: Your support is always very much appreciated but never expected. Thank You Kindly, -FC ✅ Donations/Tips Can Be Made Securely via Major Credit Card:… ((Chapters–Will Be Added 24-48 Hours After Stream Concludes)) Countdown Clock & Chat (Skip) Quick Hello & Introduction NDE Commentary of Mary Hensley Segment 1 Break (#1) NDE Commentary of Mary Hensley Segment 2 Break (#2) Closing Thoughts Q&A / Open Chat Discussions 🆕 (DLIVE – PLATFORM EXCLUSIVE STREAMS) (ODYSEE – PLATFORM EXCLUSIVE STREAMS) 🆓 ODYSEE$/invite/@ForeverC… (YOUTUBE MAIN CHANNEL + 2 BACKUPS JUST IN CASE🔔) ✅ MAIN CHANNEL… ✅ BACKUP #2… ✅ BACKUP #3… (WEBSITE) 💬 Coming Soon – Big Plans In The Works, Stay Tuned – (TWITTER) 🐦 (INSTAGRAM) 📸… (TWITCH) 🎮… #lasttimers #ForeverConsciousResearchChannel
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