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THOSE who receive the mrna jabs, have altered DNA. THEY are no longer classified as fully human, and are therefore by all means property (TransHuman). Property doesn’t have rights. These Lockdowns were never about your health and safety. Climate Lockdowns NEXT #TheGreatReset


Transhumanism NOT World Depopulation is the primary agenda behind the jabs. 💉🤖⬅️ Though there will be plenty of deaths as they refine their soul imprisoning cocktail.

Originally tweeted by Verum Bellator (@VerumBellator1) on March 24, 2022.

When you realize that CRISPR CAS-9 developed vaccines and mRNA do, infact, introduce edited strands to the human genome, effectively changing your DNA; even if only a smidgen. Things start to become, clearer.
But how do we know someone's ACTUALLY been vaccinated?

Will a plastic card suffice? How can they GUARANTEE those couldn't be faked, or duplicated?
They can't.
Even facial recognition software is out of the question, masks are ultra realistic these days.

So, what sort of system could be verified and nearly impossible to avoid?

Biometric Identification with specific DNA Markers.
Sort of like how they can test your sugar levels in your blood with a device that's attached to your arm.
Only it would be attached to your hand, or forehead.

How could something like that be used to control people's ability to buy or sell? They could just pay with cash, right?

Notice the push towards Crypto currency. Even major credit card companies have introduced Crypto credit cards.

If the global economy switches to Crypto, cash will be nothing more than paper.

Then, enter Microsoft Corporation's International Patent, WO/2020/060606 for a CRYPTOCURRENCY SYSTEM USING BODY ACTIVITY DATA…
No cash? No problem.
No card? No problem.

No DNA Marker to Confirm Biometric ID?
Now, we have a problem.

Covid-19 and the vaccines, along with the Vax-pass are nothing more than a massive experiment in predictive programming getting the world ready to willingly receive the Mark of the Beast.

Originally tweeted by SCUFT.ask (@MathiasBatz) on June 28, 2021.

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