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My advice to woman being “haunted” by her dead boyfriend: IGNORE IT, IT’S A DEMON, NOT YOUR DEAD BF | “I think I’m haunted by my boyfriend and now he is communicating with my son!”

Whenever people relay these creepy and spooky stories about their dead loved ones supposedly coming to back to communicate with them and intrude on on their lives in what is normally a very creepy and ominous manner, I say to them, “would that loved one really want to come back and haunt you like that?”. I know that if I had died in car accident with my GF from high school and she ended up living, I certainly am not going to leave the Astral Realm and come back down into this stupid-ass simulation so I could scream her name in the middle of night or try to have a conversation and relationship with her 4 year old kid that she she now has with her new husband. It doesn’t make sense. It’s almost insulting to the memory of these people to assume that the only explanation for this phenomenon is that they’ve come back to haunt the people that they were close to.

There are Demons all around you your whole life. They know EVERYTHING about you. They try to instigate and elicit specific reactions from you in order to feed off your energy.

Tell them to fuck off. By buying into the bullshit that you are talking to the spirit of a deceased loved one you are unwittingly giving your consent to be messed with. Just like how becoming aware of the cursed nature of our language and religious institutions and educational systems will render the Magick embedded within these constructs now ineffective, becoming aware of the true nature of this kind of paranormal phenomenon will send these parasitic entities packing and looking for a new victim. In theory.

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I think I’m haunted by my boyfriend and now he is communicating with my son!

15 years ago at 17 my boyfriend and I were coming home from a date when we were in a car accident.A drunk driver T-boned us at a light. I was severely hurt and they thought I was going to die. Unfortunately, my boyfriend did die. He died on the scene. He was my highschool sweetheart and I had known him since kindergarten. It was extremely hard for me to lose him. It is still hard to talk about. The last thing he did was take his hand and tried to brace me from the impact.

It started about 2 weeks after I was able to go home and 5 weeks after the accident. I would wake up to him screaming my name. I just thought it was a dream but one day I heard him call me by my nickname that he gave me and I saw a silhouette of a shadow figure sitting on the other side of the bed. Then it disappeared. There are things like this constantly even now. I never told anybody because I didn’t want my family to think I’m crazy.

After 5 years I finally decided to move on and met someone else after college. We decided to move in together. I was packing my stuff and decided to leave my stuffed animals with my parents to put in the attic. I know I put every stuffed animal in a box because I’m kind of ADHD and I check and recheck but when I got to our new apartment the stuffed animal my deceased boyfriend had given me for my 16th birthday was in one of my moving boxes.

I still continued to see his shadow and hear his voice. But still never mentioned it. My boyfriend and I decided to get married and then we had 2 kids. My son is about 4 years old and last week he was in his room playing and I heard him talking to someone. Like it was a real conversation. I just thought maybe it was him using his imagination. I walk in to ask him who he was talking to and he said, ” You know who it is mommy, its….” my son said my deceased boyfriends name. I asked him to repeat it in case I misheard it and it was his name. I asked if he talks to him alot. He said not alot but sometimes.

I havent told my husband about this as I’m scared and it’s a conversation I don’t want to have. He doesn’t believe in ghost. I’m scared he will think I’m nuts. Sometimes I wonder that myself. But now my son is involved. So I’m here asking if anyone can tell me what this could be. Could it really be him? What should I do about it? If it is something could it hurt my son?

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