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The alien artificial nanotechnology of the synthetic GMO MRNA “vaccine” continued to live actively in the dead headless carcass | anyone for wobbly chicken? #ChickenKiev #ChickenKyev lol

Oh God… I really hope I don’t somehow get infected with this crap. I really hope that this parasitic nanotech is not sexually transmissible either. That can’t be Natural Law-abiding if it is. I’ve lost a bunch of jobs and girlfriends just to avoid getting this stuff inside me, I better not end up getting infected because I ate some infected meat or because I had sex with a cute but vaccinated idiot girl. I’ve actually been avoiding fast food restaurants for a while now and this gives even more of a reason but I hadn’t exactly been avoiding vaccinated girls. I don’t think I’ve even ever met a non-vaccinated girl in 2 complete years. I just realized that. My God!!

I wonder if they are using the same serum to “vaccinate” these animals with that they are with humans? I guess this stuff just attaches itself to all biological life just like the Morgellons fibers do and is ultimately designed with transhumanist prerogatives and is intended to transmutate, usurp and replace the current form of life on this planet. That’s why they call each new version of the vax a “variant”. Or you can continue to be a fucking retard and choose to believe that each of these variants that the EL-ites are so foaming-at-the-mouth to get inside your body at all costs are just the latest formulations of what are “life saving vaccines”. 😂🤣😅 The notion that getting one of these jabs is a terrible… terrible, suicidal and infinitely moronic idea, is probably the only thing in life that I’m 100.00% certain of at this juncture in my discernment career. It’s literally the worst idea in the long long sad human history of unbelievably bad ideas.

RUMBLE: https://rumble.com/vylfei-chicken-meat-from-mrna-vaccinated-chicken-lives-on-after-slaughter-via-nano.html

Farmers decided to have “fun” and vaccinate a chicken, and after 4 months they wanted to cook soup from it, but THE FLESH OF the #VACCINATED #CHICKEN FROM “COVID” CONTINUED TO LIVE AND MULTIPLY. The chicken was vaccinated with #MRNA. The alien artificial nanotechnology of the synthetic GMO MRNA “vaccine” continued to live actively in the dead headless carcass… See for yourself!
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