I love how mad he gets over the YouTube commercials. “I guess we’re just gonna have to rough it out.”-YBD. Lol. I’m dying to tell him that you can get plug-ins and/or special browsers to block the YT commercials, but comments have always been disabled.

It’s new channel(AlphaDraconianOrionCaduceusAdrenochromeHarvesting) time over in YBD world. After enough time goes by, Bitchute begins blocking his uploads and which is why he keeps having to move to new channels. I’ve lost count by this point.

BITCHUTE: https://www.bitchute.com/video/uxkzVdB9sfhO/

https://www.bitchute.com/channel/WufEJHWm5Snv/ <—- NEW-CHANNEL

22=cc=zz=ss=33=ww=mm=25=ss is the timeloop
https://twitter.com/SiriusBShaman/status/1508511693604806656/photo/1 satans twitter . lilith is the #gipsyMOTH

https://twitter.com/SiriusBShaman/status/1504704016131014669/photo/1 truth in plain site , lilith snake woman grabbing Satan


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Onbf8FiBdUg ,, john-cena = jc = 13 = jesus-christ = satan purple-holy-cow lilith


  1. So I have been watching this guy’s videos based on your recommendation, and he does have a strong knack for spotting the codes and riddles in the Dark Occult pop media. Very sharp. But when he said that there are only 10 humans left on Earth and everyone else is Lucifer’s reptilian shapeshifter army I had to stop watching. This is psychosis; this is someone off the deep end and unbalanced.

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      Lol. Yes. Gotta know how to spit out the bones just like with anyone. I have learned not to judge any theory based on the outlandishness of its implications. Can you or I prove that there aren’t 10 humans left? I can’t. I certainly cannot prove that’s he’s psychotic for saying that, that’s for sure. I personally don’t believe that there are only 10 humans left, but I’ve seen enough cohesion and usefulness in his videos to keep watching them, but he’s certainly not for everyone. I mean, the most recent Matrix movie kind jives with it… I’m surprised you’d hadn’t run into his videos before.I actually have a theory about him that I’ll have to share with you in private..

      • Sorry I thought I was following you this whole time but I guess I wasn’t, or at least not getting notifications, so I am just now seeing all these recent posts.

        Let me revise my statement about Ben: I think he is spotting very real patterns and codes in the media, but forming somewhat grandiose conclusions out of them. I don’t know where he got the number “10” for actual souled humans left here, for example. But everything about Lilith as Queen Bee with her scorpion sting vaccinations and Graphene Oxide hexagonal grid bee-hive prison is certainly there, it’s the Darkside’s DreamGame Sim that they have cooked up to distract humanity into materialism and Hell/the Abyss. But it’s not actually going to happen, for most. It’s only the fear of that that they are looshing off the MANY MILLIONS if not BILLIONS of souled humans here. The fake hybrid mask-wearing reptilian demons are a small fraction but they get blown out of proportion by composing the vast majority of the pop media TV Box propaganda we are subjected to. In my opinion Ben (and perhaps his following) are inflating/aggrandizing that into the whole world/matrix, coupled with no understanding of true Spiritual Science.

        We are not in a Matrix either. That is a fake/pseudo-Gnostic New Age lie. That is a re-branding of the false “Christian” notion of the second coming of Christ in-the-flesh who will rapture us all into Heaven. We are on an evolving sentient planet in an domed, geocentric intelligent Cosmos system being guided by Higher Beings and the Christ Being towards greater evolution. That process however is being opposed by backward Angelics like Lucifer and Ahriman and their hosts who are nevertheless necessary for the overall good of the system. Yes they will entice as many human souls into the abyss with them, but if you ask Steiner, so far only the evil murderers, rapists and black magicians are currently in such a danger. The rest of the “sheeple” or luke-warm humanity currently in blissful ignorance getting vaccinated and absorbed in their smartphones will, in further epochs, be led by leaders like you and me and the truly woke crowd towards the Christ impulse, towards the good.

        Believing that an injection of black goo can destroy the soul or condemn it to Hell for all Eternity reveals a supreme lack of faith in the Spirit, that Matter is more powerful than Spirit. But again, these are just my humble opinions.

        There, I’ve digested and spat out the bones.

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