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Lenin Is African Revolutionary Leader “Lehana” Who IS “DaBaby” Who IS “Lil Snupe”. Is Paige Bueckers 1/2 Black?

So I was just speaking to my father about Uconn women’s basketball(which is a big deal around here) and Paige Bueckers, who might be the best female basketball player ever(yes, I do think she’s legit female, this is not a transvestigation) and he mentioned how her father was black(he’s not).

So while I was going through the various images of Paige and her family to see what her biological father actually looked like, I think I made quite the alarming discovery. So it looks like Paige’s daddy has a new wife with child and all and she happens to be a very lovely black lady.

Hmmm… Why did my father think that Paige was part black for some reason? The basketball skills alone? No.

I think we are looking at Paige’s real mother in this photo. Doesn’t she look like someone who’s had her skin lightened and has the facial features of what we would erroneously coin “African American”. Reminded me of the Lenin photos. Am I just being a dick?

Looks like DaBaby and Lil Snupe also played the part of revolutionary leader Lehana who later became Lenin. Lol. I’m not even kidding.

I should be trying to crack the secrets of the universe on not focusing on stupid stuff like this. But I had to point it out. Sorry sista.

Lil Snupe ain’t dead. He just became Dababy.

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